Entering the game as red hot favorites and being down by 11 points at half time in a low scoring match could have triggered the thoughts of “its just not our day”, as often happens in finals games.  But not so for the young bloods who used the half time break to steel themselves to kick 6 goals 7 to 2 goals 1 in the second half to run out 19 point winners.

The game started as expected with AJAX putting a lot of pressure on our playmakers and deny them their running game.  As it turned out the tactic worked and we managed only 1 goal from 5 scoring shots and allowed the opposition to stick with us despite lesser scoring shots.  This gave AJAX a sense of confidence and they showed it in the second quarter where they took the running and scored 2 – 2 to our lousy 1 point.

We had only been in this position once or twice through the season and we had not recovered on those occasions.  However to the credit of all those involved they changed the attitude in the half time break and the team came back onto the field with renewed determination and confidence.  The result was outstanding although the result on the scoreboard could have better reflected the state of play had the boys kicked truely.  However 4 goals 6 was enough to wrestle back the lead by 12 points at 3/4 time.  It was a low scoring match and that meant the team who most wanted to win would.

AJAX knew that and threw everything they had the Bloods but the young Haileyburians were determined not to let this opportunity slip.  They defended like there was no tomorrow and managed to score a couple of goals themselves.  When the final siren sounded the Bloods were 22 points up and the first U19s flag for many years went to the team from Haileybury.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Haileybury 1.4-10 1.5-11 5.11-41 7.12-54
AJAX AFC 1.2-8 3.4-22 4.5-29 5.5-35
Old Haileybury
Goal Kickers: D. Seccull 3, B. Oakes 2, J. Elston, C. Constable
Best Players: A. Ventouras, M. Charlesworth, D. Seccull, C. Constable, T. Williamson, J. Constable

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