Old Haileybury 1st Ever womans team.

The Seniors and reserves had to travel across town to Altona where they faced the fancied Williamstown. The reserves could not get across the line but the seniors made the trip home more enjoyable. Closer to home earlier in the day the Womens team were up against a strong Caulfield team but the Under 19s traveled down Hampton way to face up to Brighton and came away with a well deserved win in a higher division.

The seniors started the match in sunny conditions but with a strong cross wind from the West. Williamstown started better than we did but found scoring difficult in the strong cross breeze. They finished with only 1 goal from 7 scoring shots but some of that was from our harassing.
The second quarter was where we settled down and got our running game going. We kicked away with 6 goals 4 for the quarter but allowed them to counter attack at times to kick 5 straight.
The third quarter started with a big bank of dark clouds forming to the west with a big blue rain patch on the radar. Wind was still blowing hard and mid way through the quarter the rain started and the game changed to a wet weather game. The bloods kicked 2 goals 4 and kept them to 1 goal 2.
By the last quarter the game was truely a slog as it was so dark they turned on the lights. The wind had eased only slightly but it reminded all supporter that it was a winter game. We did most of the scoring in the last quarter to walk away with a 23 point win.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Williamstown CYMS 1.6-12 5.6-36 6.8-44 7.8-50
Old Haileybury 1.1-7 7.5-47 9.9-63 10.13-73

Old Haileybury
Goal Kickers: C. Rich 4, P. Shakallis 2, J. Toy, J. Nicolopoulos, N. Gooda, J. Arthur
Best Players: J. Arthur, P. Shakallis, J. Plymin, J. Paul, L. Nash, J. Alkemade

The reserves traveled out to Altona earlier in the day and performed pretty well in the windy conditions. They started very slowly and did not score in the first quarter. They were behind by some 26 points at quarter time. The matched it with the opposition for the rest of the day to finish 31 points in arrears.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Williamstown CYMS 3.8-26 6.9-45 8.13-61 10.14-74
Old Haileybury 0.0 2.2-14 4.3-27 6.7-43

Old Haileybury
Goal Kickers: J. Klein 2, T. Nicol 2, B. Oakes, K. Hartnett
Best Players: J. Cain, M. McIntyre, S. Mulholland, N. Sturrock, K. Hartnett, N. Hunter

The Under 19s were premiers in 2016 and consequently found themselves going up a division. Their first task was to travel locally to local rivals Old Brighton. Both teams were full of last years APS players so the rivalry continued. Although kicking poorly the boys eaked out a pretty good win against pretty good competition.
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Brighton 3.1-19 5.7-37 7.9-51 9.13-67
Old Haileybury 3.3-21 7.12-54 8.15-63 11.20-86

Old Haileybury
Goal Kickers: J. Hurley 3, D. Seccull 2, R. Thompson, S. Loewe, O. Sharpe, S. Ward, S. Algeri, J. Johnston
Best Players: J. Johnston, J. McHale, J. Hurley, W. Paul, O. Sharpe

The womans team have entered the VAFA womans competition along with around 36 other clubs. They will be going through a grading process for the first weeks so that the games are closer and therefore better competition and more fun for the players and supporters. This week they travelled away even though it was local to take on Caulfield who were pretty impressive.
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Caulfield 4.4-28 6.5-41 7.9-51 8.9-57
Old Haileybury 0.2-2 1.4-10 1.7-13 2.7-19

Old Haileybury
Goal Kickers: A. Hall, S. Casey
Best Players: S. Casey, T. Vines-Chapple, P. Gardiyawasam, M. McDonald, K. Scott, C. Frawley

Next games in the week after Easter where all 4 teams play at Princes Park. A lunch has been organised for this occasion – first womans team at home, U 19s flag and some stiff opposition for the seniors and reserves.

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