Forwards to the Fore in Round 7 Action

Another good set of results for the club from Round 7 VAFA action. Our forwards were again prominent with big bags common. Johnny “Pop” Nicolopoulos kicked 7 in the seniors where there were 10 individual goal kickers. Talking about the number 10, Darras Seccull had 10 majors against his name in a hard fought win by the U/19s. That was 10 of the 11 scored by the boys and entrenches him as the leading goalkicker in that Division. And the women kicked 9 goals in their win over St Marys Salesian which was their highest tally for the year. That puts them back in the four. The Ressies went down with Rovers coming home with the wind and all the momentum. The school XVIII scored an emphatic win over Caulfield Grammar to remain undefeated.

The Seniors recorded an emphatic victory over Hampton Rovers. The boys were quick out of the blocks and had five goals on the board to zip at quarter time. We went into the game “short” with few players above 6 foot. But this didn’t appear to matter as the ball movement was impressive and it was a great start. And the domination continued in the second quarter and it looked like the visitors may be kept goalless for the half. But to their credit, the visitors got a few late which meant there was a bit of life in the game despite a 9 goal margin.

So it was important the boys restored their dominance early in the second half and that is exactly what Wardy’s warriors were able to do. In fact it was 5 goals to zip for the quarter and it was well and truly game over.

The final result was a 91 point victory which boosted the percentage and meant we retained top position on the ladder. As mentioned Pop was the dominant forward on the day while Plmo was brilliant in the pivot and Jacko was manful as he rucked most of the day although Waiety sacrificed his own game to assist.

Next week we take on Kew which is a danger game as they are winless but their results have gradually been improving.


Old Haileyburians 5.3-33 12.6-78 17.8-110 22.10-142
Hampton Rovers 0.2-2 3.6-24 3.8-26 7.9-51


Goal Kickers: J. Nicolopoulos 7, N. Waite 3, C. Rich 3, N. Gooda 2, N. Garratt 2, A. Woltering, T. Witherow, P. Shakallis, C. Connelly, E. Limon
Best Players: J. Nicolopoulos, J. Plymin, J. Toy, N. Garratt, T. Witherow, J. Arthur


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Haileyburians 1.4-10 4.7-31 9.8-62 12.9-81
Hampton Rovers 3.1-19 5.3-33 8.4-52 15.4-94
Goal Kickers: Z. Tsinanis 2, B. Oakes 2, J. Alkemade 2, B. O”Leary, T. Coles, D. Newby, M. Quiambao, S. Hall, A. Thorley
Best Players: Z. Tsinanis, J. Cain, B. O”Leary, J. Mantell, S. Hall, M. Quiambao


Old Haileybury 1.2-8 2.5-17 5.7-37 11.14-80
Old Trinity Grammarians 1.9-15 3.10-28 5.15-45 6.16-52
Goal Kickers: D. Seccull 10, A. Ventouras
Best Players: D. Seccull, O. Sharpe, J. Constable, C. McNAMARA, D. Forster
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Haileybury 4.3-27 6.5-41 7.5-47 9.5-59
St Mary’s Salesian 1.1-7 2.4-16 3.7-25 6.7-43


Goal Kickers: M. McDonald 3, M. Waterman 2, C. Stark 2, H. Pastore, P. Gardiyawasam
Best Players: S. Casey, M. McDonald, M. Waterman, T. Vines-Chapple, C. Stark, M. Leyden

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