It was another successful round of Haileybury football and it is pleasing to report that all OHAFC teams find themselves in the four after the weekend’s results. To highlight the club’s position we are running second in the VAFA Club Championship to determine the overall most consistent club.

The Seniors saw off a determined Kew, while the Ressies had a stirring win. The boys were 9 points behind with only a couple of minutes to play but rallied with two late majors to seal an important victory. Ookesy bagged 5 to continue his consistent form in front of goals. The girls had a slow start but got on top late to record another solid win. They are now third on the ladder. The U/19s, unfortunately, went down away to Old Brighton. After a slow start, the boys rallied but were unable to reign in the margin. The School First XVIII defeated Scotch by four goals after being 2 goals behind at the last change. The boys remain undefeated and take on Carey who are also undefeated on the 17th of June.

Games against bottom teams can often be tough encounters as these teams invariably lift against top teams. So the Seniors taking on Kew on their home deck could have proven tricky. But the boys got off to a solid start and while Kew were determined all afternoon, you always felt we had their measure. The middle quarters were a bit of an arm wrestle but goals at the right time meant we were always quite safe. Tim Witherow continued his good form off the backline, while Nashy is showing the benefits of a brief spell in the paddock.

All teams have a bye next weekend, returning to Princes Park on the 17th to take on Old Geelong, Beaumaris and Fitzroy.


Kew AFC 1.1-7 4.5-29 5.8-38 10.10-70
Old Haileyburians 3.2-20 9.2-56 12.6-78 18.10-118
Goal Kickers: C. Rich 4, L. Treverton 2, P. Shakallis 2, E. Limon 2, N. Garratt 2, J. Nicolopoulos 2, Z. Tsinanis, L. Nash, N. Gooda, C. Connelly
Best Players: T. Witherow, L. Nash, C. Rich, J. Paul, N. Gooda, P. Shakallis
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Kew AFC 2.2-14 5.4-34 8.9-57 11.9-75
Old Haileyburians 4.1-25 7.4-46 9.4-58 12.6-78
Goal Kickers: B. Oakes 5, J. Mulholland, N. Maiorana, J. Klein, C. Faulkner, S. Hall, S. Mulholland, D. Gauci
Best Players: S. Hall, B. Scammell, B. Oakes, K. Hartnett, J. Mantell, B. O”Leary


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Brighton 4.3-27 9.4-58 11.4-70 12.5-77
Old Haileybury 1.3-9 2.6-18 5.9-39 8.11-59


Goal Kickers: C. McNAMARA, D. Seccull, J. Hetherington, E. Facey-Smith, A. Ventouras, J. Hurley, M. Kirkwood, D. Forster
Best Players: M. Kirkwood, D. Forster, S. Algeri, O. Sharpe, S. Ward, J. Hetherington
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Ormond AFC 2.0-12 2.0-12 2.3-15 4.4-28
Old Haileybury 1.3-9 3.8-26 4.9-33 6.12-48


Goal Kickers: T. Landare 2, M. McDonald 2, S. Casey, C. Stark
Best Players: S. Casey, M. Waterman, M. Leyden, T. Vines-Chapple, M. McDonald, D. Frawley

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