Finals Footy for Girls

In the windiest conditions seen for years, the club recorded some important wins. The girls won their last game for the home and away season, ensuring finals action next week against Beaumaris.  The school First XVIII beat St Kevins, meaning they are the APS Champions. Meanwhile, both senior male team won while the undermanned U/19s were defeated.

The seniors took on bottom side Kew who decided to play a dour type of game in the windy conditions. It was an armwrestle all day with goals hard to get. The Bloods looked to be the better side but Kew stuck to the task well. Going into the last quarter, we led by 17 points but the visitors would have the wind in the last quarter. It was a tense first 15 minutes as Kew kicked a couple of goals, but the switch went on and goals to Corey Connelly and Waitey ensured a solid win in the end.

Waitey bagged 5 in another dominant performance, while Whitey celebrated his return to footy with a BOG effort.

Old Haileyburians 3.7-25 4.10-34 7.17-59 8.19-67
Kew AFC 1.1-7 5.4-34 5.4-34 7.9-51
Goal Kickers: N. Waite 5, C. Connelly 2, A. Budge
Best Players: B. White, N. Waite, C. Connelly, T. Witherow, B. Steele, N. Sturrock, B. O’Leary
Old Haileyburians 2.0-12 7.5-47 8.5-53 13.13-91
Kew AFC 3.2-20 3.3-21 5.9-39 5.9-39


Goal Kickers: T. Coles 3, M. Irwin 2, A. Dunn 2, D. Newby 2, M. Seccull 2, M. McIntyre 2
Best Players: K. Hartnett, T. Chisholm, M. Irwin, M. Seccull, S. Ellis, S. Roberts
Old Haileybury 2.2-14 3.2-20 6.8-44 7.9-51
Old Brighton 1.2-8 4.9-33 5.10-40 10.21-81


Goal Kickers: D. Seccull 2, B. Foyster 2, W. Kowk Cheong Poon , J. Hurley, S. Ward
Best Players: O. Sharpe, B. Foyster, D. Seccull, J. Hurley, J. Constable, W. Paul
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Haileybury 1.0-6 2.8-20 2.8-20 8.11-59
Ormond AFC 0.4-4 0.4-4 0.7-7 0.7-7


Goal Kickers: P. Gardiyawasam 3, M. McDonald 3, M. Waterman, B. Wilton
Best Players: M. McDonald, M. Waterman, K. Tanner, P. Gardiyawasam, J. Casey, H. Pastore

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