Player Profile – Where are they now

Glenn Tanner Jumper No 33

Debuted in 1987 and played 97 games, kicking 155 goals. Member of the 1989 and 1990 Premiership Teams and represented the big V in 1988 (U/19s) and 1991.

Occupation – GM St Kilda FC Foundation
Favourite Movie – Rocky movies              
Favourite Food/Drink – Mexican / beer, red wine, g&t, moscow mule, bacardi & diet coke and water
AFL Club (as a kid) –  Collingwood
When growing up which AFL player did you admire the most? – Billy Picken
Playing highlights from OHAFC Playing Days – Premierships, 1989 C Grade & 1990 B Grade (1990 team was a cracking team and smashed OM’s in the GF)
Social Highlights from OHAFC Playing Days – Premiership celebrations always a highlight. Thursday night beers in club rooms before heading out. Saturday night ritual of Club Rooms, Pinocchio’s Pizza Restaurant, Saloon Bar, New Orleans & Mr Squeeze. The occasional Sunday session was always enjoyable
Where were you recruited from/play for before OHAFC? School via Collingwood reserves
Who were the biggest influences on your career? Everyone – Family (Dad), all coaches & team mates
Best Player seen at OHAFC. Carty in the backline, McKenzie in the middle, Wally up forward and DC on the ball. I saw several OH games with Brett Voss playing and his performances are the best I’ve seen in the Amateurs

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