New Coterie Group

As mentioned in the Bulletin recently, we are forming a new coterie group to support player development.
It is an exciting time for the club to have so many young talented players with nine having their first taste of senior football last week.
With more young talent playing key roles in the reserves, and the continued growth in our women’s team it is crucial for the club to support player development to ensure our on field performances continue to improve, our player retention is high, and players are supported to develop their skills, game sense and preparation.
Another important aspect of player development is for the club to develop a culture that supports team performance, cohesion, respect, and player enjoyment.
The first task of the Player Development Coterie Group is to support the appointment of a Player Development Senior Assistant Coach. With the support of the Old Haileybury Association, the club has recently appointed Shane Valenti into this role. Shane is well known to many at the club and has a tremendous football resume which includes playing at the highest level with Melbourne, two Liston Medals with Port Melbourne, and also being an Old Haileybury Premiership Player. We look forward to seeing Shane on the track working with Wardy in coming weeks.
There are numerous other initiatives that can support player development, including after training speakers and other player wellbeing initiatives.
We are looking for club supporters and parents to join the coterie group to raise funds and contribute to the shaping of ideas to support the development of our playing group.
Player Development Coterie membership is based on a $1000 contribution and includes attendance at the four match-day lunches and a ticket to the Grand Final breakfast. The four home match lunches will provide a great opportunity for the coterie group to get together and discuss player development.
If you are interested in getting involved in this important initiative give Pat O’Leary a call on 0413 459287 or email him at 

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