Bloods and Hearts Record Brilliant Wins

Footy is a great game and footy clubs are great places to be around when you are winning. This was proven again on the weekend with the Seniors recording one of the greatest victories in the club’s history, while the girls thrashed Cary to set up mouthwatering encounter next week. Unfortunately, the Ressies were outmuscled by a better manned Parkdale side, but many were seen celebrating at Brighton Baths into the early hours.

The Parkdale venue is undergoing a makeover so it was into the portables for the boys on Saturday. Donning the clash jumper white made it very clear we were the visitors. With a number of players still away and injured, there were once again numerous new faces for the supporters to appraise. The game opened with Parkdale kicking with the assistance of a 3 goal wind but Loewey was the first major scorer after a tense first ten minutes. The wind was proving a bit flukey and both sides were having problems converting. The northern side was going to be the defensive side of the ground and that is where much of the action took place. Parkdale were keen to chip the ball around, looking for breaks in our defence. But our young defenders were holding up well, led by Riley Thompson and Jacko Arthur – back for his first game in many weeks.

The second quarter opened with the Bloods holding a 3 point lead. The game was being played with high tension which was understandable given what was at stake. Handsome waterboys were in demand and we had the best in the business. We managed two goals for the quarter, while Parkdale bagged 3 to make it all tied up at the main break. Neither side had taken advantage of the wind ascendency and it was clear the contest was going to go down to the wire. Aaron Toy was doing a good job on their best player (Dilllon?) while Mitch Rafferty was getting plenty of touches on his wing. There was plenty of rotations as Ollie Sharpe and Trevo alternated between playing forward and ruck work. Sam Algeri was looking dangerous and came in for his usual round of attention.

Parkdale kicked the first two goals of the second half and looked to be getting on top. But a brilliant goal on the run from the boundary by Raynor Seccull straightened us up. There was plenty of talk and the energy levels were back where they needed to be. But another Parkdale major would test us. A late goal from Raff meant the difference at the last change was 13 points. We had the wind in the last quarter but it hadn’t really been a factor during the match.

Parkdale again scored the first 2 goals of the last quarter as the game opened up. We now had to kick 5 unanswered goals to win. Durras got the first from a strong mark and conversion but this was quickly answered by the home side. So we were up against it. But we should never underestimate this group’s resolve. Sam Loewe got his second after some clever roving and there was a small flicker. The onballers led by Gledders, Plymo and J Paul (our Danger, Selwood and Ablo) were giving us the advantage out of the middle. And then Nick Gooda stepped up – not once but three times. While not in succession, he became lively and the forward line began to function. So Nick got one to bring the margin back to 13 points. Then a good interception left Raff with the ball who coolly passed to Nick who duly slotted from 65 out. And then Raff bobbed up again about 40 metres out on an acute angle. He took his time (his socks were stuck down) and kicked truly to give us a small lead. Parkdale answered and then a couple of behinds had the game all tied up. Clock Bonwick was running down but everyone was largely in the dark as the implications of a draw set in. 
But the Gooda show had a bit more to run and he kicked truly again on the run to give us the lead. The players got around him but soon regathered as there was still a few minutes on the clock. Loewey was in everything in the forward line and popped up for a handy point. Another point but then a Parkdale goal meant hearts were still racing. Telling marks from Trevo and Brodie Steele helped stem the tide. A desperate spoil on the outer wing from Durras Seccull epitomised the endeavor from all on the field. A similar effort from Sam Gasparini highlighted the desparation. All those in magenta and black were playing on instinct and the crowd was loving the contest. A couple of forward forays meant at least the ball was in our half but a last gasp push from Parkdale meant the nails were chewed further. A strong mark on the last line of defence and relayed kick to Nicho ended up being the last passage. It had been a great contest and the boys can be justifiably proud of their efforts.
The song was sung with brilliant gusto at least 11 times. A brilliant win.
Given the circumstances and the state of the ladder, this would have to go down as one of the greatest home and away wins in the club’s history. All 22 players contributed when required.
Now our attention returns to this Saturday when we host Uni Blacks – currently third on the ladder but very beatable.

(Even the final scoreboard was wrong highlighting the tension)

Parkdale Vultures    1.6-12    4.8-32    8.10-58    13.11-89
Old Haileyburians    2.3-15    4.8-32    6.9-45    13.14-92

Goal Kickers: N. Gooda 3, S. Loewe 2, M. Rafferty 2, D. Seccull 2, J. Plymin 2, N. Garratt, R. Seccull
Best Players: L. Treverton, A. Toy, J. Paul, D. Seccull, N. Gooda

On a cold winters training night in the middle of July and with twelve players out from the previous week and three from the firsts due to injuries, ongoing European holidays, student recalls and believe it or not a dance festival in Sydney, things were looking a little grim selection wise for both teams.

The club, however, rallied with a massive call to arms with the training group along with countless phone calls by the coach, president and other members of the committee right up until 11.10am Saturday morning. The result was a star studded line up of past greats, has beens, wanna bees and a core group of regulars to make up a full team which even included the rare luxury of a bench for rotations.

It was great to see some old faces from different eras in the form of James Bell and his mate J Rod from the +35’s, St Kilda legend Brett Voss, Chris Ferguson, our onfield playing physio Wilson and a smattering of U/19 2016 premiership players in the form of Jack Moncrieff, Kaiden Dummitt and now actor extraordinaire Charlton Schnieder (Scchhhneids). Thanks also go out to Jarrod Klein coming off a deep mid morning paramedic shift and Rogo’s mates in the form of Stiffy (don’t ask) and Smitty as well as Lawsons mate Kinna. Apologies go out to a very keen Valentes who was named but arrived late from work at 11.20am and was unceremoniously dumped by the coach in favour of one of the young lads who had turned up to pull the jumper on. It was also great to see a couple of European adventurers return relaxed with fresh tans in the form of Gauchi and Connar Daymond.

With a pre-match pride in the jumper address to the players in the temporary building site cabins and a minimal warm up to save energy, the brave Bloods took to the field to take on the Parkdale Vultures. They jumped out of the gates with aplomb in the first quarter dominating around the ground and repelling attacks out of defence courtesy of Ferg’s strong punching from behind and some nice end to end link ups out of defence. Bell showed his lost none of his competitiveness or well documented agitation for poor umpiring decisions in a strong performance on the wing despite requesting a forward pocket hideaway. Rainsey was having none of that and let him sweat out on the wing which worked well for the first half. The first major was kicked from a set shot by the in form Seccull and the Bloods looked the goods with Vossy showing form and strength around the ground as expected in what was an even and very competitive quarter.

In the second quarter we managed to kick another two goals from Gauchi and then Hurley to four in what was also a competitive quarter although it was clear as we began to increase the rotations, fitness and match practice were starting to take their toll on the emergency players along with an increasing timid approach at the footy in what was a warm day when the sun came out on a very open and large playing field. 

Parkdale had a number of regular players return this week and were taller as usual and better drilled as they kicked away with a seven goals to one performance in the third with a cheating grub of a full forward snagging some cheap goals from clear pushing early on in the quarter.  However an inspired bit of coaching from the panel moved Jordy out of the forward line into full back where he proceeded to completely dominate, run off and shut down this annoying cheat and was one of the shining lights in the second half as Jordy relished and took control of the full back position. Our fourth goal by part timer Kinna off the ground was our last score of the match as we ran out of legs in the fourth and succumbed a number of injuries (HK hammy, Moncrieff shins, Daymond cramps for all that Italian pasta) as Parkdale closed out the match with an eight goal to nothing last quarter.

As usual the endeavour was terrific but fitness and skills at this level for a part time team is clearly a factor. Over the coming weeks, we have a huge amount of players returning from the abyss previously mentioned so I am expecting a much more competitive team as we search for our first win as we battle to stay in B grade.

A superb effort by those who put their hand up to play and I was proud to have every one of you in team in what was a great get together of eras. Thanks again, the club and I won’t forget your efforts.

Parkdale Vultures    2.4-16    6.8-44    13.12-90    21.17-143
Old Haileyburians    1.0-6    3.0-18    4.0-24    4.0-24

Goal Kickers: J. Hurley, D. Gauci, M. McKinna, C. Seccull
Best Players: J. Hurley, C. Ferguson, C. Daymond, C. Seccull, D. Gauci, N. Carey

The Hearts recorded a resounding victory over Carey to ensure they go into Saturday’s vital game full of confidence. While winning by over ten goals the real reflection of their dominance was the 32 scoring shots to three.

The girls take on Old Mentonians this Saturday at PPwith the winner going on to secure fourth spot. It will be a beauty.

Old Carey           1.1-7    1.1-7    1.1-7    1.2-8
Old Haileybury    3.3-21    5.11-41    8.15-63    9.23-77

Goal Kickers: F. Land 2, S. Casey 2, J. Wright 2, R. Teubler, D. Frawley, J. Shanks
Best Players: S. Casey, F. Land, M. Waterman, S. Stewart, C. Dillon, D. Frawley

The School Firts XVIII recorded another victory – this time over Geelong College. This edges them just that bit closer to another APS Premiership.

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