Lawrence Mooney at 2018 OHAFC Grand Final Breakfast

Lawrence Mooney heads an all-star cast of comedians that will once again get the day off to a great start at the Mercedes Benz Berwick Haileybury Football Grand Final Breakfast. He will be supported by Dave O’Neil and Adam Rozenbachs  – both top comedians in their own right.

This will  make it one of the best line-ups ever – a big statement given this event has been going 42 years.

We are once again at the magnificent Grand Hyatt who look after us so well every year. Tickets are only $165ph or $1,550 for a table of 10. There are discounts for Uni students and players. We are to The George after the Brekky. Book with hyxy at




Danny Frawley’s Hearts created history in trying conditions (30 knot winds) on Sunday at Trevor Barker Oval defeating the competition standout team for 2018 of Old Scotch by 13 points in the VAFA B White Grand final match. 

Haileybury girls had not defeated any of the 3 teams (Old Brighton, Beaumaris and Old Scotch) that finished above them during the home and away season but when the business end of the season arrived all our girls came to play.

The euphoric scenes after the match and later that evening really showed how much this momentous victory meant to the group after scraping into the finals in the last home and away game (we had to defeat old Mentonians to just make the finals) and winning the 3 finals 1st Semi, Prelim and Grand Final by a total of 22 points over the 3 matches was incredible and a testament to this committed group.

Before the game, coach Danny Frawley brought Old Haileybury’s secret weapon to the rooms in our club mascot Winston (the Frawley family border collie) and gave Alistair Clarkson’s 2008 “shark analogy” a run for its money with the message that all Winston wanted today was to have fun and enjoy the experience. The 2nd part of the analogy was that once Winston got hold of his bone, no one would ever get it off him – if our girls played with that free spirit and intensity of fighting every inch of the way we were not going to lose the game despite being rank underdogs for the day.

Danny pre-match address placed our girls in a settled frame of mind and when the ball was bounced to start the game, our girls set the game alight kicking all our 4 goals of the match in the first quarter in a terrific quarter of football (our best for the season).  

Danielle Frawley started the game with a goal “out of nothing” from a stoppage and this was followed by Sarah Casey and Jordan Shanks snapping truly around the corner under pressure.  Pulli Gardiyawasam (runner up in the League Best and Fairest during the week) was electric in the first quarter with her speed and created chaos for Old Scotch defenders as she zipped in and out of congested traffic.
Romy Teubler set the tone of the match with a dominant first quarter from the half forward line with a mark 30 metres out and kicking truly from a set shot to place the Hearts in a commanding position at quarter time kicking with a strong breeze towards the Hampton end. 

Scotch responded with a late goal just before the ¼ time siren to see the Hearts lead by 19 points at the first break. 

The Hearts defence in the final series has been outstanding and again in the Grand Final they kept Scotch goalless in the 2nd and 4th quarters whilst kicking with a dominant breeze. Lauren Oliver, Charlotte Russo, Maggie Dunn, Eliza Solly (before being injured), Mim Waterman, Hannah Pastore and Ellen Russell were impassable for the clear majority of the game and were a key part of the victory. 

Coach Frawley used Sarah, Frances, Jordan and Pulli in defence at various stages as the pressure built with Scotch driving the ball forward on a more than regular basis but our girls continued to repel the attacks to the defensive side of the Trevor Barker oval which helped reduce the Scotch running style of footy that got them to the last game of the year.

Carly Dillon, Taylor Vines-Chapple and Pia Hatt continued to drive the ball forward and their outside run played a pivotal part in the victory. Carly’s 2nd half was terrific using the ball extremely well and setting up the play with Danielle Frawley getting better as the game went.

The Hearts were severely challenged in the first half of the 3rd quarter by Scotch where they dominated the first 10 minutes of the quarter (against the breeze) peppering the goals and narrowing the deficit to 10 points at one stage and we had a game on our hands with Scotch coming home with the breeze.  

At this time of the game we had lost Eliza Scolly with a serious knee injury, Charlotte Russo dislocating her shoulder and used her Doctor skills to pop the shoulder back into place, our number one mid-fielder for the season Frances Land was immobilised with a hip injury and Chelsea Frawley in the absence of Sam Stewart carried tremendously a far heavier workload on the day and was cramping in the 3rd.    At this stage of the game Scotch had all the momentum. 

Charlotte bravely strapped herself up and got out there as she knew the team needed her as our numbers were dwindling.

Sarah Casey (Best on Ground) played an outstanding game whether that was back, mid or forward despite receiving close attention on the day.  Sarah did it all and wholeheartedly deserved the medal for best player on the field. Her outstanding finals series was a major reason for the Hearts achieving its first ever women’s premiership.

Romy Teubler played her best game for the year and created fantastic drive in the forward line for the Hearts over the 4 quarters.  

Chelsea Frawley also played her best game of the year shouldering most of the ruck duties for the day with great support from stand-in ruck person Georgie Jannsen.

Jordan Shanks continued her terrific year with a great final series including  a stand out game on Grand Final day and was like Sarah Casey in that the coach used her at both ends of the ground during the game to stabilize proceedings.  

Mim Waterson played on one of the stand out forwards of the competition and kept her goalless.  Mim was brilliant and tough at the contest during the game taking a handful of strong competitive marks in the heat of battle and was a pivotal factor in the outcome.

Danny Frawley coached out of his skin in the final series to get this team across the line. His commitment to this team has been nothing short of incredible during the entire season.  This team may not have been the most talented in the competition but by gee the girls evolved as a super team who followed instructions to the letter and played to Danny’s direction and we came home with the first ever Old Haileybury female premiership creating history that will stand for ever and a day.

Spare a thought for the amazing team player in Sam Stewart who played all 16 games during the season including the 2 early finals but was unavailable for the last game.  Sam was a huge part in getting us to the last day of the year and we thank you Sam and I know she is fired up for 2019!  Also, Amy Fletcher and Maddy Leyden were unavailable for the last part of the season due to being overseas who helped get our team to the final stages of the season.

THANKS TO THE 36 GIRLS LISTED BELOW WHO PULLED ON THE HEARTS JUMPER DURING THE YEAR TO CREATE HISTORY – 17 games played during the year to achieve the ultimate prize.   

Jordan Shanks, Frances Land, Pulomaja Gardiyawasam, Sarah Casey, Jessica Wright, Pia Hatt, Amy Fletcher, Romy Teubler, Danielle Frawley, Taylah Vines-Chapple, Carly Dillon, Claire Stark, Daniella San Jose, Foley Kate, Georgina Janssen, Mim Waterman, Samantha Stewart, Alana Hall, Candice Sheldon-Collins, Charlotte Russo, Chelsea Frawley, Courtney Coulter, Courtney Marsden, Elaine Donnelly, Eliza Solly, Ellen Russell, Erin Learmonth, Hannah Pastore, Jessica Ravaillion, Kathryn Quinn, Lauren Oliver, Madeleine Leyden, Magdalen Dunn, Maya Bennett, Philippa Harrison, Stephanie Fels

Old Scotch               1.3-9     1.3-9       2.5-17     2.7-19
Old Haileybury    4.4-28    4.4-28    4.8-32    4.8-32

Goal Kickers: D. Frawley, R. Teubler, J. Shanks, S. Casey
Best Players: S. Casey, R. Teubler, C. Frawley, J. Shanks, M. Waterman, D. Frawley




The boys took on 2nd place Old Carey at Princess Park on the weekend. Our form over the last couple of months had been very good but we were still yet to take a scalp of one of the leading sides in B Grade. This turned out to be the case again as we went down by 33 points in a game where we had some missed opportunities and were made to pay by a quality outfit. Was a great lesson for our side that a few little things can add up to costing you games against sides who are good enough to make you pay for your mistakes.

Individually Tom Rogerson was clearly BOG winning many one on one contests on the last line in defence. Aaron hung in well all day on a bigger opponent as did Will Paul who delivered a selfless role for his team. Up forward Sam Loewe continued his great form over the last few weeks.

Overall the effort was great and has shown how far we have come but we still not where we want to be in winning some of these games against the better teams.
We will be looking to end Season 2018 on a great note by knocking off Beaumaris on their own deck and taking that scalp we are after.

Old Haileyburians    3.5-23    3.8-26    5.10-40      11.11-77
Old Carey                    2.2-14    6.6-42    11.13-79    16.14-110

Goal Kickers: N. Gooda 2, W. Paul 2, J. Constable 2, D. Seccull 2, S. Loewe 2, C. Connelly
Best Players: T. Rogerson, W. Paul, L. Treverton, A. Toy, J. Paul, S. Loewe


For the first time all season we had the luxury of too many players, with the return of Torsten, Declan, Ari, HK, Whitey and Mark Irwin as four players missed out and several unavailable. Three of the school boys in the form of Fynn Williams, Harry Traum and Will Barry also fronted up to take on one of the top teams, Old Carey.

Things looked good on paper with a solid backline, mids and forward set up. Early on Ed “Fish” Curtis started off well in the ruck winning tap outs only to do his groin 20 mins into the match along with Whitey whose wrist was in bad shape. Apart from losing the toss and kicking into the wind these were two crucial injuries from a centre clearance point of view and allowed Carey to kick away with four goals early on. The backline stemmed the tide and was ably assisted by Oakesy who gave us some drive as a floating backman halfway through the quarter.

Unfortunately it was a classic four seasons in one day for us as the wind also swung from north to south at the end of the 1st quarter to have us kicking into the wind yet again but some good signs were that  schoolboy Fynn at 6 3′ gave us a real target up at full forward as Ari, and HK fought hard to provide options and we kicked two goals to three to be five down at half time.

Like all the top teams this year with numbers Carey were disciplined and organised in moving the ball out of the backline as their bigger bodies pushed aside our smaller younger players in the midfield.

Nick Carey playing his 50th for the club again did a good job in the backline as usual, Oli and Irwin battled hard as did the ever reliable Jamie Cain.

What was particularly pleasing was the performance of the school boys and the fact that the boys tried hard all day. There were some very good passages of play and flow which were only marred by some poor foot delivery to targets often kicking straight back to the opposition, something that can only be improved by ongoing practice at training.

It was pleasing to see how we fought this out reducing the first round loss by half this time and good to see an improvement and return of many absent players. We look forward to finishing off well against Beaumaris next week. 

Old Haileyburians    0.3-3    2.4-16    3.6-24    5.8-38
Old Carey    4.2-26    7.6-48    12.8-80    15.9-99



The 2018 APS Football Season ended last week with Haileybury managing to win its 10th APS Football Flag following its 9th the previous year.

Haileybury Football has become a force to deal with under the steady guidance of Old Haileybury legend and past coach David Lappage.

These flags don’t come easily and it is a credit to everyone involved – not just now but in the earlier years at school where the basic skill are ingrained.

Boys and girl school leavers are most welcome to continue playing in the Magenta and Black.



On Sunday the Hearts will play in their first ever Grand Final. This is a great effort from the girls and everyone associated with the team as it is only their second year playing. But they have gradually improved over the two years and find themselves in the big game after a brilliant finals campaign. The girls only made the finals after winning their last home and away match but have secured two nail-biting victories to set up this mouth-watering contest against Scotch. If the girls play with the same intensity shown in their last two matches, they are going to give it a real shake.

The game starts at 2.30pm on Sunday at Trevor Barker Oval in Sandringham, where the club has an excellent finals record. All supporters are encouraged to come along and get behind the girls. It is bound to be a great contest. Carna HEARTS!

Congratulations are extended to Pulli Gardiyawasam who was Runners Up in the VAFA Competition Best and Fairest. After another consistent year, Pulli was pipped at the post and can be proud of her efforts this season and for her two years at the club.


The boys take Carey at home on Saturday with the Reserves kicking off at 11.40am and the Seniors at 2pm.  It is important we keep the momentum going and finish the year off with a couple of scalps. The Seniors have been in good form of late and will be looking for as many wins as possible to take higher up the ladder.



In an important weekend of footy, the Hearts won their preliminary final against Beaumaris, while a Corey Connelly inspired Bloods scored the win that should ensure we play in B Grade in 2019.

A fantastic weekend for our Senior group as we secured our spot in Premier B grade for 2019. We ventured out to Mazenod knowing that they would throw everything at us to try and pull themselves out of the relegation zone. Right from the word go we did not really give them the opportunity to get their game going as we gave them no time and space. Although dominating play we could not put the score on the board but went into quarter time leading by 21 points. Our backline was holding up well led by Aaron, Brodie and Timmy Witherow. Rip and Rogo were bringing the ball to ground for Nicko to provide his run and Joel Constable set the scene for the day with multiple courageous efforts. 

During the 2nd quarter Mazenod kept coming at us but we grew our lead to 28 points by half time. Our midfield was working both ways to effect on a massive ground. Our wingers in Raff and Donners were getting involved in everything. In the middle Trevo was getting his hand on the ball giving Jimmy, Shak, Plym, Will, Munners, Nick Gooda first use were hurting the opposition with their use of the footy.

The message at half time was that they would come out fired up at the start of the 3rd and we had to match that we more than achieved with our highest tackle count for the year for any quarter a major reason why we extended our lead again to 37 points at the last change. Young guys in Gassy and Billy were really standing up and our dangerous forward line of Seccull, Gleads, Corey and Sammy Loewe were putting the score on the board finishing up with 12 goals between them.
We ended up running out 54 point winners and controlled the game from the outset in a great team performance.

Very proud of the group that responded fantastically after sitting at 0-7 earlier in the year to win 5 of our next 9 has been a great result. That being said we have 2 games to go and look forward to picking up some scalps against a couple of Top 4 teams on the way home to conclude our season.

Mazenod    0.2-2    2.4-16    3.6-24    6.8-44
Old Haileyburians    3.5-23    6.8-44    8.13-61    14.14-98

Goal Kickers: C. Connelly 5, P. Gleadhill 3, S. Loewe 3, N. Gooda 2, D. Seccull
Best Players: C. Connelly, J. Constable, D. Seccull, A. Toy, J. Paul, J. Plymin

Danny Frawley’s Hearts won themselves into a Grand Final in a thriller at Trevor Barker Oval on Sunday against Beaumaris winning an absorbing nail biter by 2 points in great conditions for footy. Two of the Hearts biggest losses for the home and away season was against a highly talented and physical Beaumaris which saw our girls as very much the underdogs going into the game. But as we know sport doesn’t necessarily remember the past and there are no certainties.

Also leading into the finals, the Hearts had not defeated the 3 teams above them in Old Brighton (3 times), Beaumaris (twice) and Old Scotch (twice) – Hearts were ZERO from 7 in these contests. The Hearts have found form at the right time of the year.

The Hearts now play Old Scotch in the Grand Final this Sunday at Trevor Barker oval at 230pm. 3 weeks ago the Hearts needed to win the last home and away game against Old Mentonian’s to just qualify for finals. We are now into a Grand Final. 

The Hearts had our best team in for the year with Frances Land and Charlotte Russo returning from overseas in time for the Prelim Final after missing several weeks overseas.  This extra bit of depth stabilised our team structure which placed Beaumaris under extreme pressure for most of the game.
As with the 1st semi-final the Hearts found themselves down at half-time against Beaumaris – however, somehow found a way to win.  The coaching panel were confident that our team’s fitness was a strength all season and the final quarter saw the Hearts drive the ball forward on many occasions and dominate the field of play.  The Hearts struggled to convert on the scoreboard, but the tackling pressure was outstanding which kept us in the game.

They say sport is a game of inches and this game on Sunday supported that theory.  Half way during the last quarter one of Beaumaris’s forward snapped a ball from the boundary line and it shaved the padding at the back of the goal post. We were extremely lucky as that may have been game over an inch the other way.  

The last 2 minutes of the game saw the Hearts down by 4 points when Frances Land took an amazing competitive mark 30 metres out. She took the set shot and sprayed it right for a point. Unfortunately for Beaumaris (and lucky for the Hearts) saw one of their players go over the mark and the field umpire paid a 25-metre penalty which put Frances Land in the goal score and she kicked truly under real pressure to seal the game for the Hearts albeit there was still 1 and a half minutes remaining on the clock.
Clearly a very even performance during the day with the backline being outstanding for the game.  Sarah Casey showed her class with a Best on Ground performance despite injuring her ankle at training on the Thursday night and receiving a great “shiner” to the eye in the early part of the game.  
Mim Waterman’s form (along with Sarah C) in the past month has helped turned the Hearts season around. Mim’s aggression, her ability to read the ball in the key defensive post was outstanding.   Hannah Pastore was as solid as a rock in defence and well supported by Loz Oliver who kept the competitions leading goal kicker goalless on the day.  Loz sacrificed her own game for the good of the team and played a pivotal role in the Hearts victory.
Jordan Shanks and Pulli played their typical high-level game and both received close attention from the opposition.  Pulli’s snap around the corner in the 1st quarter set the scene (and gave our girls confidence) that the Hearts were here to play for the day and could give Beauy a run for their money.  In the pivotal last quarter both Chelsea Frawley and Carly Dillon both stood up in a tight content which saw one of the Hearts achieve one of its best victories in its short history. 
Congratulations to all girls who played on the day in what was a highly exciting and ultimately memorable victory for the Hearts.  
Hope to see as many Old Haileybury supporters down at Trevor Barker oval this Sunday (230pm) and possibly create history for the Club. The support in the finals of the last 2 weeks was important in helping our girls achieves victory let’s get the numbers there and support our girls again in the final game of the season. 
This Sunday (19th) we play against a team we were not able to defeat in the Home and Away season in Old Scotch.  Can we dare to dream? Of-course we can – what’s happened in the past is the past – lets create our own history.
Go Hearts!!

Beaumaris    0.3-3    1.6-12    1.6-12    1.7-13
Old Haileybury    1.0-6    1.2-8    1.2-8    2.3-15

Goal Kickers: F. Land, P. Gardiyawasam
Best Players: S. Casey, M. Waterman, H. Pastore, L. Oliver , J. Shanks, C. Frawley

The boys were right in the contest for most of the day on Saturday but ran out of legs on the huge Central Park Reserve. Once again the team was brave in defeat, but there is also a sense of one that got away.

Mazenod    2.4-16    6.8-44    10.14-74    13.16-94
Old Haileyburians    3.2-20    6.3-39    7.4-46    10.7-67

The next luncheon will be taking place on the 18th of August. As this is the last home game for the boys, it will be the last chance we have to get together. Contact Peter Bowring to RSVP –
0418 340 639

The next major social function is the time honoured AFL Grand Final breakfast. Lawrence Mooney heads an all-star cast of comedians that will once again get the day off to a great start. We are once again at the magnificent Grand Hyatt who look after us so well every year. Tickets are only $165ph or $1,550 for a table of 10. There are discounts for Uni students and players. Book with hyxy at

All supporters are invited to gather at Hotel Brighton after the last game of the year against Beaumaris. They are a good sponsor and it will be good to reflect on the year over some refreshments and fare.



Where do we start? Another enticing weekend of footy awaits for the Magenta and Black faithful. We have the boys/men/lads taking on Mazenod on Saturday and the girls/women/ladies up against Beauy on Sunday.

Let’s start with the blokes who can just about ensure 2019 is played in B Grade by defeating Mazenod. After going so close against Uni Blacks in their last game, Wardy’s Warriors will be looking to go one better. The weeks’ bye will help get rid of the niggles and it will be all guns blazing at Central Reserve. We have been kicking better scores of late and this has been reflected in our results. It also demonstrates that we have been working better as a team. And if we again show our fighting spirit, we should come out on top. This is not to underestimate Mazenod who will also be treating it like a grand final. We need to play our best football.

After a stirring victory last Saturday, the Hearts take on Beaumaris on Sunday at Trevor Barker Oval (2pm) in the Preliminary Final. If the girls bring the same level of commitment and desperation, they will go close to winning. The girls didn’t beat Beauy during the year but nor had they beaten Brighton until last week. So it will be a great game and all supporters are encouraged to get along and make some noise.

The next luncheon will be taking place on the 18th of August. As this is the last home game for the boys, it will be the last chance we have to get together. Contact Peter Bowring to RSVP –
0418 340 639

The next major social function is the time honoured AFL Grand Final breakfast. Lawrence Mooney heads an all-star cast of comedians that will once again get the day off to a great start. We are once again at the magnificent Grand Hyatt who look after us so well every year. Tickets are only $165ph or $1,550 for a table of 10. There are discounts for Uni students and players. Book with hyxy at

All supporters are invited to gather at Hotel Brighton after the last game of the year against Beaumaris. They are a good sponsor and it will be good to reflect on the year over some refreshments and fare.

The PRESENTATION NIGHT this year will be held on the 12th of October and will be held at Brighton International – more details to come.



Beach Road Oval was its traditional windy self on Saturday, greeting the Hearts for Semi Final Number One. The wind was probably worth about 4-5 goals and was definitely going to be a factor. A strong and vocal crowd had assembled for the big clash.

The home side won the toss and duly decided to kick to the southern end. So it was going to be important we got off to a good start. Scoring into the wind was going to be difficult but it was just as important to keep Brighton to a low score. It soon became apparent that the home side had the aerial advantage with a couple of “talls” taking marks early. But the backline, with an extra defender, was holding up well. Jordan Shanks was marshalling the troops from full back. Sarah Casey and Mim Waterman both got some early touches and were instrumental in running the ball into the draft when required. Carly Dillon was also in the mix early. It was a physical contest with both sides showing a willingness to attack the footy. Most of the game was played in the Brighton forward line and forward forays from the Hearts were rare. But we did manage to scramble a point and restrict Brighton to just the one major for the quarter. This was a great effort given the amount of time the ball was in their forward line.

Now it was our turn to kick with the wind. Shanksy was moved to full forward and Brighton adopted the same defensive tactics with a loose woman in defence. Pulli and Sarah Casey both started to get on top of their tags and there was some good ball movement for the forwards. Everyone was playing their part and when Jordan Shanks marked and converted our first major it was a just reward. Sarah Casey snapped another soon after and it was really tight as we went into the half time break with only a one point deficit.

The third quarter was almost a repeat of the first, except we managed to keep them goalless. The Frawley sisters were coming into the game more with Chelsea getting on top in the ruck, while Danielle was leading the backline well. The forwards were also doing a good job holding the ball up when in our forward led. Jess Wright and Candy Sheldon-Collins led the way there. And when Pulli scored a sensational, on-the-run goal we were in front. The efforts from the girls had the Haileybury faithful on their feet and we went into the last change with a handy four point lead.

Coach Frawly urged the girls to keep going, using the famous words, “the wind won’t do it for you”. And the girls responded magnificently. Claire Stark and Taylah Vines-Chapple we in everything as was Sarah Casey and Mim Waterman. The first 8 minutes were played in our forward line but we were unable to get the sealer. A point from Pulli had the crowd thinking about extra time as Brighton, to their credit, kept coming and started to mount some serious challenges. But again our defenders stood tall, punching the ball away, when necessary but also keeping the ball moving forward. It was a desperate last 5 minutes with the bounce of the ball favoring the two teams at different times. Sec had taken the timekeepers’ mantle from Bonnas and duly rang the bell with the Hearts victors by six points. The girls had followed the game plan well, restricting Brighton to a single point after half time. Brighton had beaten us three times during the year so it was great to get the one that counted. It was a magnificent team effort, the girls playing with brilliant intent and the song was sung with much gusto.

The girls now take on Beaumaris in the Preliminary Final.

Old Brighton    1.2-8    2.2-14    2.3-15    2.3-15
Old Haileybury    0.1-1   2.1-13    3.1-19  3.3-21

Goal Kickers: P. Gardiyawasam, J. Shanks, S. Casey
Best Players: C. Dillon, S. Casey, M. Waterman, C. Stark, J. Shanks, T. Vines-Chapple

The next luncheon will be taking place on the 18th of August. As this is the last home game for the boys, it will be the last chance we have to get together. 

The next major social function is the time honoured AFL Grand Final breakfast. Laurence Mooney heads an all-star cast of comedians that will once again get the day off to a great start. More details will be coming through shortly.


The girls take on Old Brighton on Saturday in the VAFA Premier B White Semi Final 1. This will be played at Brighton Beach Oval with a 2pm start time.

The girls have found a bit of recent form after experiencing a mid-year slump. The last two games have seen the recording of strong wins over Carey and Mentone. Importantly the girls have been playing the way coach Danny Frawley would like with plenty of discipline when required but also with some excellent ball movement through the midfield. The latter has resulted in some high scores being recorded so supporters are in for a treat when the girls reproduce this on Saturday.
Importantly the victories have been the result of genuine team efforts and this will take them a long way on Saturday.

Training was good tonight as the girls appreciated having the facilities to themselves. A few massages and honing of foot skills were the key ingredients and there was a finals atmosphere, despite it being early August.

As the boys have a bye, all supporters are encouraged to get down and support the Hearts on their second finals match in as many years.

The next luncheon will be taking place on the 18th of August. As this is the last home game for the boys, it will be the last chance we have to get together. 

The next major social function is the time honoured AFL Grand Final breakfast. Laurence Mooney heads an all-star cast of comedians that will once again get the day off to a great start. More details will be coming through shortly.

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Finals came early this year for the Haileybury Hearts who went into the game 2 points clear of Old Mentone who were sitting just below us at 5th on the Ladder. The winner of the game would progress to finals so 11 months of training game down to this game. 

The girls started strong, led by Sarah Casey snapping two goals and setting up a great goal by co-captain Jordan Shanks. Momentum was with us, with each and everyone of the girls lifting to the occasion. Once again, our kicking for goal was a little inaccurate as by the second quarter we had posted 5 majors and 8 minors. But that didn’t stop the girls attacking the ball. 

The third quarter saw a slump in momentum- and the girls were on the back foot the entire quarter- Mentone snagged two goals to put them 12 points behind us. Spud gave one of his infamous sprays- and the girls lifted in the last quarter. Special mention to Danielle Frawley, Claire Stark and Pia Hatt who all set the tone for the winning game. 

Old Haileybury    2.5-17    5.8-38    5.11-41    7.15-57
Old Mentonians    0.1-1    2.1-13    4.1-25    5.3-33

Goal Kickers: S. Casey 3, P. Hatt 2, G. Janssen, J. Wright
Best Players: C. Stark, S. Casey, D. Frawley, J. Shanks, C. Frawley, P. Hatt

The Bloods went down in a nailbiter against third placed Uni Blacks. The boys led for most of the day but couldn’t hold off the fast-finishing visitors. We got off to a good start with a handy 4 goal lead at the first change but the game was back to even at half time.
Sam Loewe chipped in with 4 majors – his best return for the year, while Cameron Searle was terrific all day across half back.

Old Haileyburians    3.7-25    5.9-39    10.11-71    11.12-78
University Blacks     0.1-1    5.7-37    8.9-57    13.13-91

Goal Kickers: S. Loewe 4, C. Connelly 2, D. Seccull 2, N. Gooda, J. Munro, J. Donnelly
Best Players: C. Searle, A. Toy, J. Paul, B. Steele, L. Treverton, P. Gleadhill

In an unseasonably warm Saturday of 19c a very competitive team was assembled with the return of Rayner Seccull, Hamish Bignell Ben White from the firsts as well as Ed Limon and Shane Valenti for their first games since the seniors 2017 premiership last year.

Unfortunately, Uni Blacks jumped us with early goals in the first ten minutes despite us having a large majority of the play and looking quite strong. The boys followed the directions of holding and controlling the ball into the wind and we were moving it well with Limo providing us with a real target up front and kicking our first goal near the end of the term.

The second term was characterised by some competitive contests by individuals but our losse manning up combined with their superior height and defensive structures set ups left us chasing the footy and opponents all quarter as they piled on five goals to one.

The match was effectively over at half time with an eight goal deficit as we ran out of legs and a bench again with injuries. Stellar efforts by the experienced players Limo, Valents, Whitey showed why they are champions of the club. The defence tried hard all day with another couple of excellent performances by Nick Carey and Jordy Hurly once again at full back. It is only now he tells me he played all his junior footy in the backline which shows it always pays to dig a bit deeper. Special mention goes to Scotty Ellis who toiled all day in the ruck changing with a flu-stricken Oli when needed.

With a bye this week I have asked the boys for a special effort over the coming weeks as the best opportunity for our first win for the season comes up in the form of Mazenod. Special mention and congratulations go to the Hearts for making the finals for a second year in a row. Go Hearts! Go Bloods!

Old Haileyburians    1.1-7    2.1-13    3.3-21    3.6-24
University Blacks    4.3-27    9.7-61    13.15-93    18.18-126

Goal Kickers: E. Limon 2, S. Ellis
Best Players: E. Limon, S. Ellis, J. Hurley, S. Valenti, B. White, N. Carey

The School First XVIII recorded a come-from-behind victory to remain undefeated and with the one game to go it would be great to go through consecutive seasons not losing a game. 

Haileybury First XVIII Match Report – Saturday 28th July

Haileybury                        12.10.82
Scotch                               10.10.70

Best:     B.King, Scott, Mackay, Briggs, Ralphsmith, Toner
Goals:   B.King 7, Weightman 2, Briggs, Gentile, Laity

With the Premiership already sewn up, the Haileybury 1st XVIII have been counting down the quarters – ticking them off with every win.  Setting themselves the target to the last 12 quarters and having one 4 from 4 last week, the boys didn’t quite achieve this against Scotch on the weekend, winning 3 of the 4 quarters.  Scotch certainly came to play with some very strong top-end talent and plenty of depth across the ground.  With 3 future AFL father-sons (Rioli, Kelly and Maginess) the Haileybury boys were challenged from the start.
Playing at Scotch, possibly one of the best grounds and settings in the country, it was a hard fought contest.  Scotch were dropping numbers behind the ball endeavoring to stop every Haileybury forward thrust, and they made the most of every forward entry that they had kicking 8 goals 2 behinds in the first half.  Meanwhile, the battle that AFL recruiters game to see was being played in Haileybury’s forward line, Ben King again dominating the air kicking 7 goals playing on Will Kelly (son of Craig) who is a potential first round draftee.
In a game similar to last year, the Bloods had to come from behind at ¾ time with Scotch playing with plenty of confidence.  The midfield dominance of Mackay, Briggs and Toner, managed to get their hands on the ball with Liam Scott (aka “the Mummy”) went into the ruck and started bullocking his way through packs and paving the way for his mates.  The backs held tight and repelled every Scotch attack, keeping them goalless in the final quarter as the Bloods proved why they are the 2018 and back-to-back Premiers.
The final game of the year will be played at home on the Rendall starting at 1pm.  Playing Carey, the team that only lost one game last year, it certainly stands to be a great exhibition of school-boy football.  Come along and see the 2018 Premiers in action for one last time and see exactly why they have become the powerhouse of the APS competition.

Round 15 Preview – Hearts on the Line



The boys take on Uni Blacks on Saturday but a lot of the club’s attention will be on the girls. They have their last home and away game for the year against Old Mentonians. We are currently 4th and Mentone 5th on the ladder – separated by 2 points. So the winner will be playing in finals the following weekend. The teams come into the game with different form lines. Mentone were soundly beaten by the top side while The Hearts recorded a thumping win last Saturday, returning to some of their best form.  The game starts at 1pm. CARNA HEARTS!!The boys take on Uni Blacks at PP and will be looking to repeat the efforts of last Saturday. While we have a few players back, it will be a tough assignment against the third placed side. But we took it up to them earlier in the season and so should go in with a bit of confidence.Congratulations to Plymo and Ollie Sharpe who both play their 50th game this Saturday. Two club legends bound to play a lot more for the club.As reported in previous dispatches, the school XVIII recorded an emphatic win over Caulfield Grammar. The undefeated team ventured out to Berwick for the first ever 1sts game to be played on the new Main Oval out at the Edrington Campus.  With a big crowd in attendance for the opening of the new pavilion, the Bloods turned it on yet again.  The manic pressure that the team has become renowned for created constant turnovers whenever Caulfield gained possession of the ball and the Bloods netted 19 Inside 50’s to 2.  Not being able to capitalise on this, the scoreline was 4.7 to 2.0, Caulfield’s 2 goals coming from Haileybury slip ups.

It was only a matter of time before the dam wall broke and the boys ran away with it.  Peter Gentile and Josh Worrell collected possession after possession across half back, Jack Toner and Billy Mackay were running rampant through the midfield and Big Benny King showed that not only can he take marks and kick goals, he can lay some great tackles too, a run-down chase through the middle of the ground being just one of many highlights of the day.

The Bloods ran out 73 point victors having yet again won 4 quarters of football.  Incredibly, given we’ve beaten all the major contenders and all other teams have lost at least two games, the boys have become back to back Premiers with two games still to play.  The aim now if to win the last 8 quarters of football and become the Undefeated Champions for a second year.

Haileybury                        16.16.112
Caulfield                           5.9.39

Best:     Gentile, Worrell, B.King, Weightman, Toner, Burke
Goals:   B.King 7, H.West 3, J.Laity 2, Andrews, Cleary, Ralphsmith, Sievers

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Some of the action from a great night. Well done to the organisers including Terry Dillon, Chelsea Frawley, Danny Frawley, Frances Jordan, Jordan Shanks and Scott Ellis.