Team of the Century

In 2001 the Bloods announced their Team of the Century, which was selceted as:

B:      Brett Carty                  David Code          Mark Seccull

HB:    David Connell             John Bingham      Garry Phillips

C:      Roger Gerny               Roger Paul (c)     Glenn Tanner

HB:    Peter Mason               Peter Gadsden     Wayne Phillips

F:       Neville Schmidt           Peter Bowring       Nik Morey

R:      John Houghton (vc)     Chris McKenzie    Simon Meehan

I/C:    Darren Seccull             Andrew Home       Matthew Armstrong    Andrew Walden

EM:   Andrew Baxter             David Eagle           Wes Byrns                 Alan Ross

Coach:   Simon Meehan                                     President:   Ken Allison

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