Round 9 Review

Hearts and Bloods Record Important Wins
School First XVIII get up by 7 points
Sec Enjoys Great Recognition for his 400th Game
Nicole Bradtke special guest at next Luncheon on 29th

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Events on Saturday got off to a great start with Sec breaking through the brilliantly made magenta and black banner for his 400th game. The early game was an emotional one as the players were determined to put on a good show in this milestone match. Boosted by the return of Alfy and Whitey, the boys took it right up to the visitors. There were many highlights including the high marking of Alfy and Mark Irwin and the three goals from Oakesy. We kicked the thirst three goals of the second half and we were right in the game. But the boys ran out of puff in the last quarter. It was a game effort and helped motivate the seniors for their big clash.

The Seniors took the field in their “must win” game against Fitzroy, focused on a four quarter performance. But it wasn’t to be as the visitors dominated proceedings early. They were winning the centre clearances and there were few forays into the Blood’s forward line. Given the Fitzroy dominance, our backline held up quite well with Botters and Brodie Steele in the action. It was a quarter best forgotten except to say that we need to get off to better starts.

A measured spray from Wardy wasn’t unexpected but the boys needed to respond. It took a little while but we gradually got ourselves back into the game. The on-ballers led by Gledders and Shak started to take advantage of Trevo’s ruckwork and forwards, Durras Seccull and Loewey duly converted. Trevo snagged one out of the ruck and it was definitely a more intense event. Fitzroy were still getting plenty of the ball and a goal just on half time meant they had an eleven point lead at half time. We had got ourselves back in the game.

The third quarter belonged to the Bloods in probably our best 30 minutes of footy for the season. Trevo and Matt Taylor were getting right on top in the middle and around the ground with their solid marking. Riley Thompson was becoming a real target at CHF and there was some great forward roving from Loewey and Jimmy Paul to register majors. There was some exciting ball movement from the halfback line led by Brodie Steele and Aaron Toy and wingmen, Nicho and Gooda were getting int the thick of things. We managed six goals for the quarter and importantly, there were some “easy” ones which hasn’t happened too often this year.

The last quarter started in the same vein. Early goals from Jack Munro and Durras saw the lead extended to five goals and we were clearly on top and looked assured of a good victory. But unfortunately the players also thought that. Fitzroy, to their credit had a crack and two goals in as many minutes had the throng kicking stones. Another soon after and the margin had been reduced to only 15 points. But the boys steadied with important possessions from Bitters and Corey Connelly steading the ship. The backline had regrouped and as the minutes ticked by, fewer stones were being prodded. Loewey and Corey combined to finish off some good relayed ball movement and when the Fitzroy backman decided to vent some frustration, Sam was able to put the game beyond doubt.

Despite a poor first quarter and 10 minutes of reduced concentration in the last, we seemed to be the better side. Shak and Jimmy Paul were strong all day, while Aaron Toy and Rodgo did a great job leading the backline which so often mean giving away height. You love watching Corey play, while Thommo and Matt Taylor had their best returns for the year (I thought).

Next week we take on Scotch at Scotch College. They are sitting second on the ladder but don’t appear to be getting the results they were earlier in the year. If we can repeat our third quarter efforts for longer periods, we will be able to take it right up to them.

Old Haileyburians 0.4-4 4.6-30 10.8-68 13.11-89
Fitzroy 4.3-27 6.5-41 7.5-47 10.8-68

Goal Kickers: S. Loewe 4, D. Seccull 3, R. Thompson 2, L. Treverton, J. Paul, N. Garratt, J. Munro

Best Players: P. Shakallis, J. Paul, E. Bitters, C. Connelly, R. Thompson, N. Gooda.


Old Haileyburians 2.1-13 4.4-28 8.4-52 8.4-52
Fitzroy 5.5-35 8.7-55 13.12-90 18.15-123

Goal Kickers: B. Oakes 3, A. Woltering 2, C. Schneider, M. Sturgess, C. Seccull
Best Players: M. Irwin, A. Ventouras, M. Seccull, A. Woltering, C. Seccull, B. O’Leary


The Hearts ventured to Ivanhoe with 4th vs 5th (only % between the 2 teams) in the ultimate 8 point game as we progress into the second half of the season.

It was a critical contest for the Hearts to stay in contention for the 2019 finals particularly after our loss 6 weeks earlier against Ivanhoe in the last kick of the match. It was quite difficult conditions with drizzle throughout the game with a surface that was holding some water.

We took the 4 points in what was a very satisfying performance. In recent matches the Hearts have been strengthened with the return of Danielle Frawley, Carly Dillon, Mim Waterman, Sarah Casey and Jessie Mount. Frances Land our Best and Fairest from 2018 has missed 5-6 weeks with a hand injury and we are looking forward to welcoming her back in next week or two.

Jess Mount played a terrific 4 quarter match in different roles and her ability to hunt the ball was great to watch with a timely goal against the flow of play. Pulli G returned to her best form with 3 goals in tough conditions and took the opportunities presented. Jordan Shanks our prime forward kicked 2 pivotal goals and her marking was great to watch. Carly Dillon returned from her overseas trip and provided great midfield drive. Maggie Dunn, one of our most consistent players of the 2019 season, provided a terrific “hard at it” game and she repelled many Ivanhoe attacks. The Frawley sisters’ last half was pivotal in the result going the Hearts way. Kelly Eaton one of our key prime movers sacrificed her game to nullify a key Ivanhoe mover with great affect and helped significantly to the win.

A great team effort with all the girls playing their part in what was a terrific win.

The team is building as the season unfolds with a similar trend to last season of getting stronger as the year progresses.

This Saturday is the Grand final replay from 2018 where we come up against Old Scotch who are currently undefeated so we will need to be at our best.

Ivanhoe 1.0-6 2.2-14 3.4-22 3.7-25
Old Haileyburians 3.1-19 4.2-26 4.2-26 6.3-39

Goal Kickers: P. Gardiyawasam 3, J. Shanks 2, J. Mount
Best Players: J. Mount, P. Gardiyawasam, K. Eaton, S. Stewart, C. Dillon, J. Shanks


The Young Bloods got off to a slow start and were never able to bridge the gap against St Bedes Mentone. The home team proved too strong and while the boys battled hard all day, things just didn’t go their way.

Greeny, Bainy and Adyn were amongst our best while Red Fennessy jagged a couple of majors.

St Bedes / Mentone 5.2-32 8.2-50 11.8-74 17.11-113
Old Haileybury 1.0-6 2.1-13 3.1-19 4.2-26

Goal Kickers: R. Fennessy 2, F. Laity , S. Zanelli
Best Players: A. Coleman, D. Green, T. Bain, R. Fennessy, C. Dovaston, O. Gorozidis

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