Hearts and Young Bloods get up in the storm

Hearts Step Closer to Finals Action
Young Bloods Record First Win in Emphatic Fashion
3rd August – Kids Luncheon – Junior Jumper Presentation + Footy Games
Grand Final Breakfast Plans have started 
Our Hearts went one step closer to ensuring finals action with an
emphatic victory over La Trobe Uni.

The Hearts were hosts on Saturday morning, with the game played in difficult conditions.  With plenty of rain going into the game, and a relatively strong wind to one side of the ground it meant for challenging conditions which we were well prepared for.
The girls needed to win this game to firm up its 1 remaining finals spot.   It was predicted to be a tough contest with La Trobe defeating one of our final aspirants the week prior. 
The Hearts played its best 4 quarter performance for the season. Kicking 5.16.46 to La Trobe’s 3.0.18.  21 scoring shots to 3 reflected the Hearts dominance of the game and it was only our conversion towards goal that needs some focus for coming weeks.   With 2 games remaining against 2nd team Old Brighton and 3rd team Beaumaris the Hearts need to win one of these 2 games two games to guarantee its chances of playing finals for 2019.
Hearts are building nicely with several of our key players returning in recent weeks.  Our Best and Fairest winner from 2018 returned after 12 weeks on the sideline with a serious hand injury. Fran made her presence well and truly known when the first contest of the game she delivered one of her trademarks hip and shoulders (fair) she has become so known for.
Carly Dillon (mid-field) played one of her best 4 quarter performances for the season.  Carly’s reading of the play and her use of the ball was a standout for the day.
Chelsea Frawley rucked tirelessly for the full game and provided our onballers first use of the ball on the day. Chelsea’s form is building nicely hopefully as we lead into finals. 
The last 2 weeks has seen a new construction of our forward line / midfield which has given the Hearts more potency which is suited to the style of play that Danny Frawley has drilled into the team.
Sarah “Bear” Allingham played an outstanding game along with Sam Stewart, Georgie Janssen, Maggie, Loz and Nicky repelling many La Trobe attacks. Sarah was a dominant player in the back half being a key reason why the opposition were kept to 3 scoring shots for the day.
Overall very happy with the performance and the strong training attendances reflect our positive on-field results in recent weeks. 
Old Haileyburians    1.3-9    3.9-27    3.9-27    5.16-46
La Trobe University    2.0-12    2.0-12    3.0-18    3.0-18

Goal Kickers: J. Shanks 2, K. Eaton, A. Stewart, S. Stewart
Best Players: C. Dillon, C. Frawley, S. Allingham, A. Stewart, F. Land, K. Eaton    

The U/19s or “Young Bloods” as they are affectionately known, recorded their first and very emphatic win on Saturday. The weather conditions had only deteriorated and in an unusual turn of events half time was brought forward. This was because there weren’t any players on the ice rink. Yes a hail storm, accompanied by lightning, saw the umpires suggest to the players they seek safer confines. They didn’t need much persuasion!

It didn’t make too much of a difference to the result however. Our boys were clearly the better side all day. Led by Bainy, Greeny and Gibbo the boys relished the challenge. It has been a long season for them but to their credit they have stuck together so this win was just reward. The  team was strengthened by a few eligible senior boys taking the field, and a couple of Year 12 players, in a point that highlights the strength of the club’s future. Much credit should go to the coach, Budgy who has ensured they have remained enthused about their football.

Old Haileybury    4.2-26    12.3-75    14.8-92    23.12-150
Beaumaris            1.0-6    1.0-6         1.1-7        1.1-7

Goal Kickers: R. Thompson 6, C. Dovaston 5, S. Hall-Kahan 4, W. Mackay 3, J. Gasparini 2, T. Bain, A. Coleman, S. Zanelli
Best Players: J. Gasparini, R. Thompson, W. Mackay, A. Coleman, C. Dovaston, A. Gibson
The next luncheon will be on the 3rd of August and this is the Kids Lunch. Everyone is encouraged to come down and see future club champions in action. There will be an OHAFC  jumper presentation as well as plenty of organised footy activities and giveaways for the youngsters. Adults are welcome to come along as well with mature refreshments available.
The fun begins at 12 noon sharp. The kids get in for free, while adults will obtain entry by handing over a measly $20. If you would like to bring some little ones along and obtain an OHAFC jumper for them, call hyxy on 0407 220952. It is going to be a lot of fun.
  Planning has well and truly begun for this year’s AFL Grand Final Breakfast. This is one of the club’s premier events for the year and should not be missed, regardless of whether your team gets to play Geelong in the big game. In the coming weeks we will be letting you know which top-line comedians will kick off this great morning. Last year it was Lawrence Mooney, the year before Dave Hughes so history suggests it will be another brilliant cast.

Tickets will be going on sale soon so put it in the diary and get a few mates together for a table.


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