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Gooda Does it Again
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This big round of footy is brought to you by Rebel Sport. The club has been an affiliated club for many years and the relationship continues. If you sign up or are a Rebel member or are one already, just nominate Old Haileybury as your club and we will receive 5% of sale proceeds. This is a good incentive and benefits the club each time you buy that birthday present or something for yourself.

The Bloods and Hearts recorded important wins on Saturday – the boys in a nail-biter and the girls in emphatic fashion and with this win they have cemented a top four position. The Ressies and Young Bloods came up against clearly stronger teams.

In recent times, games against Parkdale have been tight, intense encounters and Saturday’s battle was no exception. As a result, there was a good crowd in attendance although the official opening of the new facilities may have helped. Some punters almost left Gerry Green Reserve not recognising the clash jumper, but they were pleased they stayed. Despite the howling gale, both teams showed good skills throughout the clash.

Jimmy won the toss and not surprisingly decided to kick with the tornado. And it seemed to be the right decision as Nicho kicked his first within 30 seconds. But Parkdale almost immediately answered and then kicked another to bely the conditions. But Nicho got his second to relieve the nerves a bit. Gledders got in the action scoring an important major but the hosts were playing with a better intensity and we only had a 6 point lead at the first change. The second stanza was clearly going to be important.

Wardy again appealed to the boys to respond to what had been a disappointing first quarter. And that they did, with renewed vigor. Gledders, Plymo and Jimmy started to win more of the clearances and the back six led by Bitters and Aaron Toy held up impressively. Parts of the game were a real scrap but in other parts there was a lot of open football as we attempted to run the ball as much as possible. Gledders got his second which was important when kicking into the wind and our wingmen, Nick Gooda and Nicho Garratt were providing plenty of run. Players were bobbing up in new positions as the rotations flowed. It is a big oval and the boys would need to have something in reserve in the second half.

So now it was our turn with the hurricane. It would have been easy to bomb away, but there was a real focus on not overdoing the handball, while ensuring better delivery into the forward line. The 80’s mantra of one handball and a long kick resonated and when Pop and Jack Munro scored vital goals we appeared to be getting on top. Trevo and Matt Taylor began winning in the ruck and Trevo also scored during the quarter. Rodgo, Ollie and Brodie Steele with his dashing breaks were doing a good job in the back half, although Parkdale did manage a couple of goals during the quarter. Despite the strength of the wind, both sides were showing that it was possible to score to the northern end. Every contest was exactly that – a genuine contest as both sides threw everything into the game. It had been a tense affair and with a couple of injury related delays, including the boundary doing a hammy, it was going to be a late finish.

We started the last quarter with only a 10 point advantage which didn’t seem to be enough. So Wardy decided to back his lads, resorting to a man on man contest. It was old-school but many of us like that! He was prepared to back them if they were prepared to support each other, run the ball and take the game on. Trying to hold onto such a slender advantage appeared pointless.

And for the first 10 minutes it certainly worked. There was plenty of drive as the handballs stuck and the ball movement was fast. There were a few behinds scored as both defences were holding strong and scoring was proving difficult. Then the shackles broke as Thommo stepped up, taking a strong mark in a pack of players, about 30-35 metres out. He coolly converted and we had stretched margin out to 17 points. Things were looking positive but Parkdale scored their first for the quarter almost immediately after. They then kicked the next two goals and within the space of five minutes had assumed the lead. Things were not looking so positive. After a few excruciating minutes, where the ball had been bobbling between half forward lines, Loewey then found himself free after some great running from Nicho and an interception from Jack Munro, to nonchalantly convert from 25 metres. Thommo and Loewey will kick a lot of goals for the club but there may not be many more crucial in clutch moments. We were back in front with about six minutes on the clock. (Bonnas where are you?)

Could we hold on? It seemed we would after another two minutes had elapsed but then a wayward Parkdale kick found one of their forwards who then converted. They were back in front and with about 180 long seconds to go, it wasn’t looking great. We got the important centre clearance but Parkdale repelled and the ball was suddenly on their half forward line. Out of the pack Aaron Toy got a handball to Bitters who then gave off to Will Paul, handball to Brodie Steele, another to the master, Gledders who kicked to Pop in a contest. Free kick to Pop, handball to the running Nicho, hand ball to the experienced Plymo and a long kick into the forward line. The ball hangs in the air for an eternity until Gooda, running with the flight of the ball takes a chest mark that will go in the annuls as one of the most brilliant ever taken. He goes back and GOOOOODDDDDDAAAAAA GOOOOAAALLLLLSSSS!!!!! We are five points in front at the 30m 24s mark of the last quarter.

The ball goes back to the middle and the (very excited) throng are please to see J Paul, Gleddas, Plymo and Matty Taylor in the middle as their level of experience was comforting. Plymo got the clearance to the wing and from the subsequent boundary throw in, the siren melodiously rang as Bonnas pushed the button (although technically the home side has that honour. We wont let that get in the way!)

What a victory! Like last year against Parkdale, when up against it, the boys hung tough. To twice go behind in that last quarter but find a way, when kicking into the wind, was a magnificent effort. Everyone of those 22 players can be proud of their efforts as can the coaching staff who backed them to do the job.

We have now won three of our last four and who knows where this momentum will take us. Cant wait for next Saturday when we host St Bedes-Mentone who are currently fifth, just above us on the ladder.

Parkdale Vultures 3.2-20 5.9-39 7.10-52 11.12-78
Old Haileyburians 4.2-26 5.2-32 9.8-62 12.11-83

Goal Kickers: J. Munro 2, P. Gleadhill 2, S. Loewe 2, N. Garratt 2, L. Treverton, N. Gooda, R. Thompson, J. Nicolopoulos

Best Players: P. Gleadhill, N. Garratt, N. Gooda, A. Toy, J. Munro, E. Bitters


The Hearts secured a spot in the finals for the third consecutive finals series by defeating Old Brighton (who were 2nd on the ladder) at home by 28 points on Saturday.

This week’s match was probably the best 4 quarter performance for the season for the Hearts with an even contribution from the 24 players who played on the day. The conditions were again dry, but the wind was difficult during the game which made conversion challenging.
Sarah Allingham continued her good form in her new role in the back half. Sarah’s ability to read the play as well as use the football in a high-quality manner makes her such a great asset for the team.
Mim Waterman again showed why she is such an important player to the Hearts. Her versatility up forward, back and on-ball is a great asset for the team.
The mid-field Anna Stewart, Taylor Vines-Chapple, Claire Weiss, the Frawley sisters were dominant during the day.
Jordan Shanks continued her strong form kicking 2 important goals which places her equal leader on the League goal kicking for the season.

Maggie Dunn needs a special mention for her selfless role on one of Old Brighton prime forwards and she kept her goalless for the day and her discipline to the task was terrific to watch.

This was the first time this season the girls had beaten a team above them and reflects the fact that we fielded one of our strongest teams for the year. The Hearts have good form – winning 5 of the past 6 games and has seen us building nicely leading into the finals.

The girls have one home and away game remaining for the season, which is this Saturday against the third team, Beaumaris.

Go Hearts!

Old Haileyburians 2.3-15 4.4-28 5.7-37 5.10-40
Old Brighton 0.4-4 0.4-4 1.6-12 1.6-12

Goal Kickers: M. Waterman 2, J. Shanks 2, J. Wright
Best Players: M. Waterman, S. Allingham, M. Dunn, P. Gardiyawasam, A. Stewart, D. Frawley

Both the Reserves and U/19s came up against strong opposition and while the effort was there, a combination of injuries during the game and unusual send offs meant the final results blew out.

Parkdale Vultures 4.4-28 10.8-68 17.11-113 24.20-164
Old Haileyburians 1.1-7 1.1-7 3.1-19 3.1-19

Goal Kickers: L. Montgomery, M. Sturgess, A. Ventouras
Best Players: M. Irwin, A. Salomon, J. Mulholland, A. Ventouras, D. Gauci, J. Price

Old Haileybury 1.1-7 3.2-20 3.2-20 5.4-34
Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 5.6-36 9.11-65 15.12-102 20.19-139

Goal Kickers: Z. Plafadelis 3, B. Taverniti 2
Best Players: Z. Plafadelis, J. Johnston, S. Washington, J. Grenda, T. Bain, C. Highett

The School First XVIII recorded a solid win over Wesley and with two games to go remain in the hunt for another Premiership. They are still to play Xavier and Geelong College but victories there would see them finish with one loss for the season. Other results may determine their 2019 destiny.

A gallery of highlights from the season so far can be found on the website here –

The next luncheon will be on the 3rd of August and this is the Kids Lunch. Everyone is encouraged to come down and see future club champions in action. There will be an OHAFC jumper presentation as well as plenty of organised footy activities and giveaways for the youngsters. Adults are welcome to come along as well with mature refreshments available.
The fun begins at 12 noon sharp. The kids get in for free, while adults will obtain entry by handing over a measly $20. If you would like to bring some little ones along and obtain an OHAFC jumper for them, call hyxy on 0407 220952. It is going to be a lot of fun.

We are please to announce that Troy Kinne is our headline comedian at this year’s breakfast. Troy Kinne is the star of “Kinne” sketch comedy show on Channel Ten, and has also appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention and is one of Australia’s most in demand and highest selling stand up comedians.
Troy will be supported by Titus O’Reily – Australia’s leading sports satirist. He does the top rating podcast (Titus & Sergio’s Variety Hour with Sergio Paradise) and is a regular on Channel Seven’s top rating “The Front Bar”, as well as selling out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His latest book is entitled “Gamble Irresponsibly”.

It will be another great morning of laughs. Tickets will be going on sale very shortly.

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