Division 1 Women’s Fixture

The Heart’s 2020 fixture is now out!

Round 1: Hearts vs Therry Penola at Home 11:00am

Round 2: Hearts vs Beaumaris at Home 3:00pm

Round 3: Hearts vs Old Mentonians Away at 11:40am

Round 4: Hearts vs Westbourne Grammarians Away at 9:20am

Round 5: Hearts vs Ivanhoe at Home 3:00pm

Round 6: Hearts vs Williamstown CYMS at Home 11:00am

Round 7: Hearts vs Old Melburnians Away at 11:40am

Round 8: Hearts vs Westbourne Grammarians at Home 11:00am

Round 9: Hearts vs Therry Penola Away at 2:00pm

Round 10: Hearts vs Old Mentonians at Home 3:00pm

Round 11: Hearts vs Ivanhoe Away at 9:20am

Round 12: Hearts vs Old Melburnians at Home 11:00am

Round 13: Hearts vs Williamstown CYMS Away at 9:20am

Round 14: Hearts vs Beaumaris Away at 11:40am

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