Preseason Starts Soon

Preseason training for both the men and women starts on Tuesday 26th of November. Once again we are fortunate to have the use of the Brighton Campus and we thank the school hierarchy. Training will start at 6.30 with players asked to bring their runners.

Presentation of Awards

The presenting of Season ‘19 awards will take on a different format this year. The event will take place on the 20th of October at Sandys By the Bay. It will take the form of a “Pleasant Sunday Arvo” with things to kick off at 2pm. There will be the presentation of the individual awards and the occasion will provide an opportunity to reflect on an eventful year. There will be a cover charge of $10 for finger food, while refreshments will be at bar prices. If you are planning on attending please contact Corey Connelly on 0402 097018.

Recruiting has well and truly begun for the 2020 Season so if you have any leads, please email hyxy at Similarly if you can assist at all, maybe with employment opportunities, the club would love to hear from you. To improve in 2020 we need to keep attracting players to the club and so every opportunity will be explored

Vale Danny Frawley

Everyone involved with The Old Haileyburians’ Amateur Football club is saddened by the passing of Danny Frawley. Danny through his enthusiastic and engaging personality left an indelible mark on the club. Forever positive, caring and prepared to look on the lighter side, he impacted so many lives. The women coached by him were taught so much about football and life generally, ensuring he will never be forgotten.

Danny was the first coach of the Hearts and continued in the role for the next two years. The highlight during this tenure was the 2018 Premiership. The girls made the finals in all three years and just as importantly showed continual improvement in skills and fitness. Ably supported by Terry Dillon and John Wright, they formed a solid unit that participated with enthusiasm and dedication. Danny loved being around the club and everyone spending time with him was the better for it. Thursday nights, with the banter and jocularity a particular highlight.

Everyone is shocked and shaken by this sad news. As a club it is important we talk, listen and support each other. As such, you are invited to reflect on a great life with others from the club at Hotel Brighton on Thursday from 6.30pm.

If you would like to talk further, please contact, Mick Constable (0419 504003), Andrew Hicks (0407 220952) or Terry Dillon (0429 162288). Alternatively you can reach out to the School’s counselling services.


The lineup for the Crabtree Real Estate Grand Final Breakfast has been finalised with old favourite Steve Alison joining Troy Kinne and Titus O’Reily – making up an all star cast. Steve last made our jaws hurt from laughter five years ago so it is great to have him on board again. This is going to be another ripper!

And it is pleasing to report that with the assistance of Breakfast Sponsor, Crabtree Real Estate, we have been able to keep prices at the same level as 2018. Tickets are only $165ph or $1550 for a table of 10. Where else would you pay such a small amount to be entertained by these first class acts? And all in the magnificent Mayfair Room at the Grand Hyatt. Thank You Crabtree.

Bookings can be made here –

or by contacting hyxy at

Reunion Luncheon


Our last luncheon for the year will be held on the 31st of August and it is really shaping up as a BIG and fitting finale to the season. We are calling it “Reunion Round” and we will be bringing together AFL/VFL legends including Liam Stocker, Charlie Constable, Andrew Brayshaw, Cam Polson with more to RSVP.

We encourage you to get a table together with some footy, school mates or old buddies and sit back and enjoy fine fare and refreshments. 

It will cost only $20 and bookings can be made here –
or by contacting Thommo on 0407 040715 or

Round 16 Review

Beaumaris Prove Too Good
Young Bloods go Back to Back
Details of Next Luncheon
Presentation Night Coming Up

Ocean 12 Club at Crown
Going forward we would like to promote “success” around our club – whether from players, partners or individuals as there is a lot of positive things happening out there. Let me know if there is something you would like to share.

We are going to start off with the good work from one of our key partners, fit-out company ONE68. They have received some good press regarding a couple of recently completed construction projects – Ocean 12 Club at Crown Casino (35 karaoke bars!) and the landmark new Country Road store at Chadstone. Both are excellent examples of their workmanship and are worthy of recognition.

Of course Peter Gleadhill and Aaron Toy need to be acknowledged for reaching their important milestones on the weekend. They broke through the banner on Saturday with Gledders playing game 150 and Az number 100. Both have made significant contributions to the club and we look forward to them being around for many years to come. Well done boys.

The Young Bloods once again provided the weekend’s highlight with an impressive win over St Bedes-Mentone while both senior teams found Beaumaris too strong.

The Bloods got off to a slow start and were never able to recover. The visitors dominated the first 15 minutes with the ball barely making it into the Haileybury forward line. A Durras Seccull goal gave the scoreboard a little bit of respectability but the damage had already been done.

While the boys were more competitive in the second quarter, the theme was the same. We struggled to get clean possession and a clear avenue to goal. Once again we only scored the one major, while Beaumaris were able to assert their authority.

Our competitiveness continued in the second half and indeed outscored Beaumaris in the last quarter and with a lot more scoring shots. But it was always going to be a bridge too far. Gledders and Aaron Toy were amongst the better players in their milestone games, while Riley Thompson continued his recent good form.

Next week we venture to Brunswick St Oval to take on Fitzroy in a vital game.

Old Haileyburians 1.0-6 2.1-13 3.5-23 5.13-43
Beaumaris 5.5-35 11.5-71 14.9-93 15.12-102

Goal Kickers: D. Seccull 3, L. Treverton, N. Gooda
Best Players: P. Gleadhill, R. Thompson, C. Connelly, E. Bitters, W. Paul, A. Toy


The Ressies also got off to a slow start and were never able to recover. Depth, after a couple of early injuries was a problem as we found Beaumaris just had a few more seasoned players. Mark Irwin and Jackson Price were our better players, while Schnides bagged two of the majors.

Old Haileyburians 0.2-2 2.2-14 3.7-25 4.11-35
Beaumaris 6.3-39 10.4-64 14.11-95 19.15-129

Goal Kickers: J. Schneider 2, M. Sturgess, M. Quiambao
Best Players: M. Irwin, J. Price, M. Seccull, H. Price, J. Schneider, J. Mulholland


The U/19s went back to back, recording another solid win. This moved them a notch on the ladder and they will be looking to finish their season on Saturday with a big performance against top side OLd Brighton.

Old Haileybury 0.3-3 3.5-23 7.6-48 9.14-68
St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 1.1-7 2.3-15 3.3-21 5.4-34

Goal Kickers: S. Hall-Kahan 4, L. Cleary 2, B. Taverniti 2, L. Venturi
Best Players: B. Taverniti, M. Sievers, S. Hall-Kahan, S. Washington, J. Grenda, L. Venturi


Our last luncheon for the year will be held on the 31st of August and it is really shaping up as a BIG and fitting finale to the season. We are calling it “Reunion Round” and we will be bringing together AFL/VFL legends including Liam Stocker, Charlie Constable, Andrew Brayshaw, Cam Polson with more to RSVP.

We encourage you to get a table together with some footy, school mates or old buddies and sit back and enjoy fine fare and refreshments.

It will cost only $20 and bookings can be made here –

or by contacting Thommo on 0407 040715 or


The lineup for the Crabtree Real Estate Grand Final Breakfast has been finalised with old favourite Steve Alison is joining Troy Kinne and Titus O’Reily – making up an all star cast. Steve last made our jaws hurt from laughter five years ago so it is great to have him on board again. This is going to be another ripper!

And it is pleasing to report that with the assistance of Breakfast Sponsor, Crabtree Real Estate, we have been able to keep prices at the same level as 2018. Tickets are only $165ph or $1550 for a table of 10. Where else would you pay such a small amount to be entertained by these first class acts? And all in the magnificent Mayfair Room at the Grand Hyatt. Thank You Crabtree.

Bookings can be made here –

or by contacting hyxy at


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors who have provided such important support to the club. Their support and contribution go a long way to ensuring the ongoing success of the club. So please take the opportunity to support them whenever you can.


Congratulations to the School First XVIII who made it three in a row after they knocked off Geelong College on the weekend. They only lost one game for the year to share the spoils with Caulfield Grammar and Carey.

Well done to Lappas and the coaching staff who have been able to maintain such high standards. The OHAFC was pleased to be able to host the boys and families for their vote count and presentation night which, understandably, was a night of revelry.


The Hearts season came to an abrupt end on Saturday losing to Beaumaris by 2 points in a nail biter at Princes Park.
It was a great standard of women’s football and each quarter was neck and neck and it was Beaumaris’s conversion to goal that was the difference in a very close encounter. As much as they tried, the girls just couldn’t find that elusive second major in a tense last quarter.

The season was very rewarding with significant development of the girls skills and general game understanding. This will only continue in the years to come.

The elimination final saw Kelly Eaton continue her great form having an impact all over the ground. The Frawley sisters played great games against strong opposition.
Sarah Allingham had a brilliant final series and was a key part of the team. Weissy, Anna Stewart and Carly Dillon brought their typical consistent footy to the game but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get the Hearts to the next phase of the finals.

A disappointing end to a promising season but this team has achieved so much and have established some terrific foundations.

Well done girls a terrific year and one which saw a very tight group become even closer under Danny Frawley’s leadership.

Old Haileyburians 1.3-9 3.5-23 3.6-24 4.9-33
Beaumaris 2.3-15 3.3-21 4.3-27 5.5-35

Goal Kickers: M. Waterman, P. Gardiyawasam, T. Vines-Chapple, C. Weiss
Best Players: S. Allingham, C. Dillon, P. Gardiyawasam, D. Frawley, T. Vines-Chapple, C. Frawley

When coming up against quality opposition, it is important to get off to a good start. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case on Saturday for the Bloods. The Caulfield visitors had clearly come to play and really dominated the first 15 minutes. The boys just couldn’t get their hands on the football and the inside 50s were a lot to not that many (I reckon 3).

So we faced a big deficit at the first break. The boys rallied in the second quarter and with goals from Thommo, Gooda and Johnny Nicolopoulos (Pop), the scoreboard had a bit more respectability. The backline with Ollie Sharp and Aaron Toy managing their forward stars restricted Caulfield to a single goal and there was a glimmer of hope at the main break.

But Caulfield soon asserted their authority and if you paid for tickets at the Dog Park End you would be looking for a refund as there were very few goals scored at that end. And while we again (marginally) won the last quarter, the damage had been done earlier. There were lots of lessons to take out of the match as we aspire look for greater on-field success. We are heading in the right direction, but still have a little way to go.

Old Haileyburians 0.1-1 3.3-21 4.4-28 8.8-56
Caulfield Grammarians 7.7-49 8.10-58 15.13-103 19.15-129

Goal Kickers: N. Gooda 3, R. Thompson 2, L. Treverton, S. Loewe, J. Nicolopoulos
Best Players: A. Toy, R. Thompson, L. Treverton, J. Gasparini, P. Gleadhill, N. Gooda


Similarly, the Ressies got off to a slow start and were never in the contest. There was a greater effort in the second half and the Caulfield boys certainly knew they were in a contest, despite the scoreboard. Veteran Scotty Ellis worked tirelessly as did Oakesy and Mark Irwin.

Old Haileyburians 3.3-21
Caulfield Grammarians 23.23-161

Goal Kickers: D. Gauci, J. Hurley, B. Oakes
Best Players: S. Ellis, B. Oakes, M. Irwin, M. Seccull, J. Hurley, F. Robinson

It was a really good performance from the Young Bloods on Saturday. They were up against one of the top sides in Mazenod and the last time these two played the Nodders won by over 20 goals. But it was a much better effort from the lads at home. Although it was a still a five goal deficit, there were passages of play where we clearly dominated and with a slightly better conversion rate, it could have been even closer.

Old Haileybury 1.0-6 4.3-27 5.5-35 6.9-45
Mazenod 3.9-27 7.12-54 9.15-69 10.15-75

Goal Kickers: S. Hall-Kahan 2, M. Taylor , A. Coleman, B. Taverniti, T. Morris
Best Players: S. Bensch, F. Laity , A. Coleman, D. Green, J. Grenda, B. Taverniti


LUNCH on 31st August

Some of the “action” from the Kids Lunch on Saturday

It was great seeing the kids running around on Saturday in their footy jumpers and when they led the team out, it was hopefully a sign of things to come.

The next lunch will take place on the 31st of August when we host Monash in the last game for the year. We are calling it “Reunion Round”. We encourage you to get a table together with some footy, school mates or old buddies and sit back and enjoy fine fare and refreshments. We will have Haileybury AFL players in attendance.
It will cost only $20 and bookings can be made here –

or by contacting Thommo on 0407 040715 or


The lineup for the Crabtree Real Estate Grand Final Breakfast has been finalised with old favourite Steve Alison is joining Troy Kinne and Titus O’Reily – making up an all star cast. Steve last made our jaws hurt from laughter five years ago so it is great to have him on board again. This is going to be another ripper!

And it is pleasing to report that with the assistance of Breakfast Sponsor, Crabtree Real Estate, we have been able to keep prices at the same level as 2018. Tickets are only $165ph or $1550 for a table of 10. Where else would you pay such a small amount to be entertained by these first class acts? And all in the magnificent Mayfair Room at the Grand Hyatt. Thank You Crabtree.

Bookings can be made here –

or by contacting hyxy at


Brodie Steele about to pounce

Sam and Jack Dancing

Another win for Nick Gooda

The Aaron Toy Fist

Jimmy about to take off

Gooda goals again


Hearts Beat Beauy to Secure Home Final
Heartbreak for Bloods
Young Bloods Show Great Heart
School First XVIII knock off Xavier by 8 Goals
Next Luncheon 3rd August – All Welcome
Shanksy wins League Goalkicking

The saving gurus, Financial Coaching, bring you last Saturday’s round of footy reults. Headed up by the the legendary Roger Paul, the team on Queens Rd are your source of prudent and appropriate financial planning. Give them a call on 9821 4100 to set you on the right financial path.


The Hearts defeated Beaumaris on Saturday to secure third spot and a home game final. This is a great result as it means they have competed in the finals every year of their existence. Saturday will be a big day with all four teams playing at Princes Park. Everyone is welcome to the lunch on the day as the social rooms and bar will be open from 12 noon. The exact timing of the girl’s game will be determined during the week.

We will start with the Hearts this week as their efforts deserve top billing. Going into Saturday’s game they needed a win to ensure a home final and there was still the possibility of securing a double chance, if Ivanhoe could beat Old Brighton.
Having won 6 of our past 7 games and losing only once to the undefeated team Old Scotch during that time, the girls travelled to Banksia Reserve, confident of a victory.

They played a terrific 4 quarter game against Beaumaris to win by 46 points. A strong turnaround after losing to them by 18 points earlier in the season. Our conversion to goal was outstanding and the girls made the most of their opportunities and the scoreboard pressure was established very early with 3 goals in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Congratulations to Jordan Shanks who kicked 4 goals to win the Women’s Division 1 League goal kicking for the competition in a best on ground performance against Beaumaris. Jordy’s marking and kicking was a highlight of the game. Pulli, Weissy, Mim Waterman and Jess Mount gave Jordan great support up forward.

With the Hearts team getting close to a full team on the park the depth of our midfield and forward structures have been a key part of our improvement and our results. The Frawley sisters provided great drive wherever they played and their competitive nature shone thru as the game unfolded. Amy Fletcher, Carly Dillon, Kelly Eaton, Taylor V-C, Weissy gave terrific midfield drive for the full game.

The backs were very disciplined led by Sam Stewart, Sarah A, Loz Oliver, Georgie and others. Sarah Allingham continued her good form down back with one highlight being her ‘Phill Manassa’ run with 5+ bounces on the outer wing. Sarah’s last month has been outstanding and her ability to read the play and use the ball was a highlight.
Maggie Dunn has been one of our most reliable and ‘team first’ players this year down back. Maggie will miss the finals as she is traveling but what a year she has had!!

The positive for next week is that we are likely to see the return of our 2018 BF winner Frances Land and one of most dominant players of this year Anna Stewart returning from injury. The ever reliable Hannah Pastore also returns from overseas after several weeks away which is great for the team also.

Home and away season now over. Old Scotch, Old Brighton, the Hearts and Beaumaris all start with a clean slate. Let’s hope the Hearts strong form continues in the finals and the same theme as last year applies ‘Dare to dream’ and you never know what can happen.

Beaumaris 1.0-6 2.1-13 2.1-13 2.2-14
Old Haileyburians 3.1-19 5.3-33 8.5-53 9.6-60

Goal Kickers: J. Shanks 4, C. Weiss 2, M. Waterman, J. Mount, P. Gardiyawasam
Best Players: J. Shanks, K. Eaton, C. Frawley, D. Frawley, C. Weiss, M. Waterman


Bloods supporters certainly get value for money!. The boys have a crack every week which so often means close games. It was the case again on Saturday although unfortunately the result didn’t go our way this time.

Kicking to the southern end in the thirst quarter, Riley Thompson got us off to a good start, kicking the first goal after midfield pressure forced an SBM turnover. The game was going to be played in perfect conditions and there didn’t appear to be a favoured end. SBM got the next couple with some creative ball movement. They appeared to be a well organised outfit with active, creative midfielders. With a smaller forward line, this contrasted to our taller options of Trevo, Sec and Thommo providing targets in our forward line. Indeed Trevo scored our second and when Pop converted from under the scoreboard, the game was all tied up at quarter time. The umpires were letting the game go and a bit of niggle began to creep into the game consistent with two even teams doing battle.

The first half of the second stanza was dominated by the respective backlines. Our back six were once again sticking to their tasks well with Bitters in particular was getting plenty of the ball. Matty Taylor was continuing his good form as number one ruckman while young Josh Gasparini was proving a live-wire, enjoying a bit of freedom on the ball. Gas, along with livewire, Sam Algeri, got on the scoreboard during the quarter and with both teams kicking three for the quarter the game was still evenly poised.

The third quarter ended up being contrasting. The visitors dominated the first ten minutes and had slipped away to 15 point lead. Pop got one back, but again SBM snuck away again and at one stage was leading by 23 points. We were struggling to get clean entry into our forward line, while SBM were getting on top from the centre clearances. We needed to rally and indeed the boys did. Trevo scored from the goalsquare after a 50m penalty, SBM answered but Durras replied after some good evasive work and when Nick Garrat scored on the siren from a long way out, we were right back in the game. It had begun to slip away from us but the lads responded well to ensure the Throng were going to be in for another tense last quarter.

And it didn’t disappoint as once again “we had the close one”. We appeared to have the momentum and this continued in the last quarter. Nick Gooda got the all important first goal and when Trevo scored from another strong mark, he had put us in front. We had the ascendancy, and while it was still a real battle we were creating more opportunities. Jack Munro got one off the pack and the lead had been extended to 10 points with about 12 minutes of playing time left. SBM hadn’t scored and it would be unreasonable to expect that to remain the case. After a few minutes of the ball bobbling around the respective half forward lines, a long, indiscriminate ball into their forward line saw a SBM mark and goal. Still we seemed to have more miles in the legs but couldn’t quite find the right avenue to goal. Again, after a scrappy passage of play, an SBM forward marked from another random entry. Unfortunately he never really looked like missing from 30 out on the angle and the visitors found themselves in front. There was still 5 minutes to go so there was plenty of time. After a snap from the pack, the margin was reduced to 1 point with 2 minutes on the clock. There was a sense of deja vu as the finger nails, which had only just grown back, were once again being knawed. Unfortunately there wasn’t going to be another fairytale ending and while the last minute was played in our forward line, we just couldn’t find the right opportunity.

So the final score showed a defeat by the narrowest of margins and players and supporters were understandably disappointed. The boys showed real commitment especially from about half way through the third quarter. Trevo took some brilliant, strong marks, Jimmy Paul was everywhere lifting his team, Jack Munro was his livewire best and all 22 had a real crack. It wasn’t to be this time but not for want of trying.

Old Haileyburians 3.1-19 6.2-38 10.3-63 13.7-85
St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 3.1-19 6.4-40 11.7-73 13.8-86

Goal Kickers: L. Treverton 2, D. Seccull 2, R. Thompson 2, J. Nicolopoulos 2, N. Gooda, N. Garratt, J. Gasparini, S. Algeri, J. Munro
Best Players: M. Taylor, J. Paul, J. Gasparini, L. Treverton, J. Munro, P. Gleadhill


The lads got off to a lethargic start on Saturday but a half time spray from Sec resonated. As a result, the second half was far more respectable. Good to see Spencer Ward back playing while Ari, Brad Prior and Mark Irwin were amongst the better players. Two sets of brothers (Schneiders and Prices) which was the first time for a while.

Old Haileyburians 0.2-2 1.4-10 3.6-24 3.9-27
St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 6.3-39 12.4-76 14.10-94 17.16-118

Goal Kickers: J. Schneider 2, L. Montgomery
Best Players: A. Ventouras, H. Traum, M. Irwin, B. Prior, C. Schneider, F. Robinson


The Young Bloods also got off to a slow start on the wide open spaces of Elsternwick Park. Taking on OMs, the boys were always up against it and poor kicking didn’t help. But they bounced back in the second half and took it right up to the hosts. Dos Coleman showed the benefits of a few games in the seniors, while Mitch Humbert put in another solid effort.

Old Melburnians 6.2-38 9.4-58 14.8-92 15.12-102
Old Haileybury 0.4-4 1.8-14 2.10-22 6.12-48

Goal Kickers: C. Dovaston 2, M. Humbert, Z. Plafadelis, L. Venturi, D. Green
Best Players: M. Humbert, A. Coleman, C. Dovaston, D. Green, L. Venturi, T. Morris


Lappa’s Legends scored a resounding win over Xavier on the weekend to ensure the APS Football Premieship will go down to the wire. As it stands Caulfield are on top, undefeated with Haileybury and Carey next with one loss each. Like a racing handicapper, the APS fixturist (?) has nailed it. Yes Carey host Caulfield this weekend and Haileybury play Geelong College. So if the lads in magenta and black can get up and Carey do the right thing, it will be a three-way tie. Good Luck boys!!

And it is worth pointing out that the School Hearts have recorded three wins for the year to sit just out of the four.


It is going to be a big day of football at PP on Saturday. The Hearts host Beauy in the first final, the Young Bloods are at home as are the seniors, so there will be plenty of footy to take in. Get there early as parking is a premium.
Also make sure you drop in for a bite to eat. The bar will be open from 12 and this is when the jumper presentation to the kiddies, takes place. (Parents, Grandparents, Godparents, Uncles, Aunties – it isn’t too late to get the little one involved. We have Hearts jumpers too!). The little ones are free and a meal for the adults is only $20. It is going to be a lot of fun in our relaxed social rooms. Contact hyxy – to RSVP.

And in case you are still hungry, don’t forget the fare that is on offer at the Universe’s best half time arvo tea….


Round the Neck!!

Jess doing her Jack Dyer impersonation

Welcome back Hannah

Another possession for Carly Dillon

The Twins sharing it around.

Smiles all round

Brad on the run

Plenty of support for Ari

And the Big Men Fly – Sol with a bit of help from Finn vs Juddy


As is Gledders

Sam is a bit more delicate

While Ollie only has eyes for the ball

Whereas Will doesn’t get his hair in his eyes (surprising)


Bloods and Hearts get the Required Results

Bloods and Hearts Football Bulletin

Gooda Does it Again
Hearts on fire against Old Brighton
First XVIII register big win
3rd August – Kids Luncheon – Junior Jumper Presentation and Footy Games
Headliners for Brekky Announced
Photos Galore on Website

This big round of footy is brought to you by Rebel Sport. The club has been an affiliated club for many years and the relationship continues. If you sign up or are a Rebel member or are one already, just nominate Old Haileybury as your club and we will receive 5% of sale proceeds. This is a good incentive and benefits the club each time you buy that birthday present or something for yourself.

The Bloods and Hearts recorded important wins on Saturday – the boys in a nail-biter and the girls in emphatic fashion and with this win they have cemented a top four position. The Ressies and Young Bloods came up against clearly stronger teams.

In recent times, games against Parkdale have been tight, intense encounters and Saturday’s battle was no exception. As a result, there was a good crowd in attendance although the official opening of the new facilities may have helped. Some punters almost left Gerry Green Reserve not recognising the clash jumper, but they were pleased they stayed. Despite the howling gale, both teams showed good skills throughout the clash.

Jimmy won the toss and not surprisingly decided to kick with the tornado. And it seemed to be the right decision as Nicho kicked his first within 30 seconds. But Parkdale almost immediately answered and then kicked another to bely the conditions. But Nicho got his second to relieve the nerves a bit. Gledders got in the action scoring an important major but the hosts were playing with a better intensity and we only had a 6 point lead at the first change. The second stanza was clearly going to be important.

Wardy again appealed to the boys to respond to what had been a disappointing first quarter. And that they did, with renewed vigor. Gledders, Plymo and Jimmy started to win more of the clearances and the back six led by Bitters and Aaron Toy held up impressively. Parts of the game were a real scrap but in other parts there was a lot of open football as we attempted to run the ball as much as possible. Gledders got his second which was important when kicking into the wind and our wingmen, Nick Gooda and Nicho Garratt were providing plenty of run. Players were bobbing up in new positions as the rotations flowed. It is a big oval and the boys would need to have something in reserve in the second half.

So now it was our turn with the hurricane. It would have been easy to bomb away, but there was a real focus on not overdoing the handball, while ensuring better delivery into the forward line. The 80’s mantra of one handball and a long kick resonated and when Pop and Jack Munro scored vital goals we appeared to be getting on top. Trevo and Matt Taylor began winning in the ruck and Trevo also scored during the quarter. Rodgo, Ollie and Brodie Steele with his dashing breaks were doing a good job in the back half, although Parkdale did manage a couple of goals during the quarter. Despite the strength of the wind, both sides were showing that it was possible to score to the northern end. Every contest was exactly that – a genuine contest as both sides threw everything into the game. It had been a tense affair and with a couple of injury related delays, including the boundary doing a hammy, it was going to be a late finish.

We started the last quarter with only a 10 point advantage which didn’t seem to be enough. So Wardy decided to back his lads, resorting to a man on man contest. It was old-school but many of us like that! He was prepared to back them if they were prepared to support each other, run the ball and take the game on. Trying to hold onto such a slender advantage appeared pointless.

And for the first 10 minutes it certainly worked. There was plenty of drive as the handballs stuck and the ball movement was fast. There were a few behinds scored as both defences were holding strong and scoring was proving difficult. Then the shackles broke as Thommo stepped up, taking a strong mark in a pack of players, about 30-35 metres out. He coolly converted and we had stretched margin out to 17 points. Things were looking positive but Parkdale scored their first for the quarter almost immediately after. They then kicked the next two goals and within the space of five minutes had assumed the lead. Things were not looking so positive. After a few excruciating minutes, where the ball had been bobbling between half forward lines, Loewey then found himself free after some great running from Nicho and an interception from Jack Munro, to nonchalantly convert from 25 metres. Thommo and Loewey will kick a lot of goals for the club but there may not be many more crucial in clutch moments. We were back in front with about six minutes on the clock. (Bonnas where are you?)

Could we hold on? It seemed we would after another two minutes had elapsed but then a wayward Parkdale kick found one of their forwards who then converted. They were back in front and with about 180 long seconds to go, it wasn’t looking great. We got the important centre clearance but Parkdale repelled and the ball was suddenly on their half forward line. Out of the pack Aaron Toy got a handball to Bitters who then gave off to Will Paul, handball to Brodie Steele, another to the master, Gledders who kicked to Pop in a contest. Free kick to Pop, handball to the running Nicho, hand ball to the experienced Plymo and a long kick into the forward line. The ball hangs in the air for an eternity until Gooda, running with the flight of the ball takes a chest mark that will go in the annuls as one of the most brilliant ever taken. He goes back and GOOOOODDDDDDAAAAAA GOOOOAAALLLLLSSSS!!!!! We are five points in front at the 30m 24s mark of the last quarter.

The ball goes back to the middle and the (very excited) throng are please to see J Paul, Gleddas, Plymo and Matty Taylor in the middle as their level of experience was comforting. Plymo got the clearance to the wing and from the subsequent boundary throw in, the siren melodiously rang as Bonnas pushed the button (although technically the home side has that honour. We wont let that get in the way!)

What a victory! Like last year against Parkdale, when up against it, the boys hung tough. To twice go behind in that last quarter but find a way, when kicking into the wind, was a magnificent effort. Everyone of those 22 players can be proud of their efforts as can the coaching staff who backed them to do the job.

We have now won three of our last four and who knows where this momentum will take us. Cant wait for next Saturday when we host St Bedes-Mentone who are currently fifth, just above us on the ladder.

Parkdale Vultures 3.2-20 5.9-39 7.10-52 11.12-78
Old Haileyburians 4.2-26 5.2-32 9.8-62 12.11-83

Goal Kickers: J. Munro 2, P. Gleadhill 2, S. Loewe 2, N. Garratt 2, L. Treverton, N. Gooda, R. Thompson, J. Nicolopoulos

Best Players: P. Gleadhill, N. Garratt, N. Gooda, A. Toy, J. Munro, E. Bitters


The Hearts secured a spot in the finals for the third consecutive finals series by defeating Old Brighton (who were 2nd on the ladder) at home by 28 points on Saturday.

This week’s match was probably the best 4 quarter performance for the season for the Hearts with an even contribution from the 24 players who played on the day. The conditions were again dry, but the wind was difficult during the game which made conversion challenging.
Sarah Allingham continued her good form in her new role in the back half. Sarah’s ability to read the play as well as use the football in a high-quality manner makes her such a great asset for the team.
Mim Waterman again showed why she is such an important player to the Hearts. Her versatility up forward, back and on-ball is a great asset for the team.
The mid-field Anna Stewart, Taylor Vines-Chapple, Claire Weiss, the Frawley sisters were dominant during the day.
Jordan Shanks continued her strong form kicking 2 important goals which places her equal leader on the League goal kicking for the season.

Maggie Dunn needs a special mention for her selfless role on one of Old Brighton prime forwards and she kept her goalless for the day and her discipline to the task was terrific to watch.

This was the first time this season the girls had beaten a team above them and reflects the fact that we fielded one of our strongest teams for the year. The Hearts have good form – winning 5 of the past 6 games and has seen us building nicely leading into the finals.

The girls have one home and away game remaining for the season, which is this Saturday against the third team, Beaumaris.

Go Hearts!

Old Haileyburians 2.3-15 4.4-28 5.7-37 5.10-40
Old Brighton 0.4-4 0.4-4 1.6-12 1.6-12

Goal Kickers: M. Waterman 2, J. Shanks 2, J. Wright
Best Players: M. Waterman, S. Allingham, M. Dunn, P. Gardiyawasam, A. Stewart, D. Frawley

Both the Reserves and U/19s came up against strong opposition and while the effort was there, a combination of injuries during the game and unusual send offs meant the final results blew out.

Parkdale Vultures 4.4-28 10.8-68 17.11-113 24.20-164
Old Haileyburians 1.1-7 1.1-7 3.1-19 3.1-19

Goal Kickers: L. Montgomery, M. Sturgess, A. Ventouras
Best Players: M. Irwin, A. Salomon, J. Mulholland, A. Ventouras, D. Gauci, J. Price

Old Haileybury 1.1-7 3.2-20 3.2-20 5.4-34
Old Ivanhoe Grammarians 5.6-36 9.11-65 15.12-102 20.19-139

Goal Kickers: Z. Plafadelis 3, B. Taverniti 2
Best Players: Z. Plafadelis, J. Johnston, S. Washington, J. Grenda, T. Bain, C. Highett

The School First XVIII recorded a solid win over Wesley and with two games to go remain in the hunt for another Premiership. They are still to play Xavier and Geelong College but victories there would see them finish with one loss for the season. Other results may determine their 2019 destiny.

A gallery of highlights from the season so far can be found on the website here –

The next luncheon will be on the 3rd of August and this is the Kids Lunch. Everyone is encouraged to come down and see future club champions in action. There will be an OHAFC jumper presentation as well as plenty of organised footy activities and giveaways for the youngsters. Adults are welcome to come along as well with mature refreshments available.
The fun begins at 12 noon sharp. The kids get in for free, while adults will obtain entry by handing over a measly $20. If you would like to bring some little ones along and obtain an OHAFC jumper for them, call hyxy on 0407 220952. It is going to be a lot of fun.

We are please to announce that Troy Kinne is our headline comedian at this year’s breakfast. Troy Kinne is the star of “Kinne” sketch comedy show on Channel Ten, and has also appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention and is one of Australia’s most in demand and highest selling stand up comedians.
Troy will be supported by Titus O’Reily – Australia’s leading sports satirist. He does the top rating podcast (Titus & Sergio’s Variety Hour with Sergio Paradise) and is a regular on Channel Seven’s top rating “The Front Bar”, as well as selling out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His latest book is entitled “Gamble Irresponsibly”.

It will be another great morning of laughs. Tickets will be going on sale very shortly.