Round 10 Review

The club took on Old Scotch and Old Meburnians but were unable to come away with the chocolates.

The Seniors and Ressies ventured to Scotch College to take on one of the leading teams in the competition. An injury depleted Ressies were soundly beaten, while the Seniors battled hard all day but couldn’t quite get on top of the hosts.

Despite the cold and dreary conditions, the game, from our perspective, got off to a bright start. Early efficient ball movement resulted in two early goals for Jack Munro. The boys were playing well with Nick Gooda and Brodie Steele getting into the game early and Durras Seccull taking some good marks across half forward.Things settled as the rain came down and it ended up being a real slog for the rest of the quarter. Scotch had got themselves settled and seemed well set up with men behind the ball.
The second and third quarters were similar. We probably had as many forward entries but couldn’t convert enough of them to exert any real scoreboard pressure. Meanwhile the tall Scotch forwards weren’t getting any shorter and their marks began to stick. Jack Munroe was continuing to get plenty of the ball, while Trevo was also taking some good marks around the ground. Corey Connelly kept putting himself in as many contests as possible and became a bit of a rag doll, he was thrown around that much.
The last quarter was going to be a real test as we were a fair way behind. To the boys’ credit they stuck to the task well to essentially match Scotch. Goals from Trevo and Corey meant the scoreboard had a bit more respectability, but importantly their was still plenty of endeavour in the last stanza. This was exemplified by Durras Seccull who chased hard in the final few minutes to lay a big tackle.
The game highlighted once again that we aren’t a long way from matching it with the top teams. The effort is there but we just need a bit more polish at certain moments during the game. The noticable thing is that the top sides make you pay for your mistakes. We just need to reduce these payments.

Old Scotch 4.1-25 7.5-47 11.9-75 13.12-90
Old Haileyburians 2.1-13 2.5-17 2.9-21 4.10-34

Goal Kickers: J. Munro 2, L. Treverton, C. Connelly
Best Players: J. Munro, T. Rogerson, P. Shakallis, J. Paul, A. Toy, C. Connelly

Old Scotch 9.6-60 19.11-125 27.18-180 37.24-246
Old Haileyburians 0.0 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1


Best Players: T. Wegner, M. Quiambao, J. Mulholland, M. Seccull, A. Salomon, B. White

The Hearts ventured to Camberwell to take on ladder leaders Old Scotch on Saturday morning. It was an early start in good conditions for footy but unfortunately, we went down by 35 points on the day to a well drilled opposition.
The Hearts played a solid 4 quarter match in terms of relentless pressure and intensity to the ball, however Scotch showed why they are the ladder leaders and their strength is their evenness across the board.
With a strong share of players unavailable for the game we called upon 2 soccer players (new to AFL) to assist us in getting a team on the park this week. Thanks to Lexi and Candy who helped us out on the day and Lexi showed her soccer skills with a terrific off the ground goal early in the last quarter.
Claire Weiss our prime onballer started the game terrifically well and was near on best on ground before she received a corkie just before the end of the 2nd quarter to finish her for the day.
Kelly Eaton another “soccer convert” played an outstanding game and is a key player in the Hearts team. A highly versatile player is Kelly and her ball winning ability, athleticism and depth of kicking was again a highlight of her game.
Samantha Stewart has been a revelation in the past 2 weeks since being moved to the back half of the ground. Her netball background as a defender leads the way in terms of her discipline in shutting down her opposite player and driving the ball forward on a regular basis.
Carly Dillon and Taylor VC – continued their strong seasons as wingers and a great asset to the team with both continuing to drive the ball forward during the game.
Sarah E “Bear” and Carla were both outstanding in their role down back and are great assets to the team with her beautiful skills and positioning against her opponent.
Danielle Frawley coming back after missing a number of games is gaining confidence and it is showing in the quality of the footy, she is playing. Chelsea Frawley continues to be the heartbeat of this team and her leadership and competitive nature is a great example for all of our players.
The Hearts drop out of the 4 by percentage and with 4 games to go will need to win 3 possibly 4 of the remaining 4 games to make the finals. The next 3 games are on our home ground, at Princes Park so we need to make the most of the familiar ground to bring home the 4 points this week.

Old Scotch 1.2-8 3.3-21 6.4-40 7.5-47
Old Haileyburians 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6 2.0-12

Goal Kickers: A. Karatzikos, G. Janssen
Best Players: K. Eaton, S. Stewart, C. Dillon, T. Vines-Chapple, S. Allingham, C. HewittOld Haileybury 0.3-3 1.5-11 4.5-29 4.6-30
Old Melburnians 4.1-25 4.3-27 6.7-43 8.11-59


The U/19s hosted OMs on Saturday and were very competitive all day. Sam Hall-Kahan returned for his first game for the year and gave the boys a real target up forward. Red Fennessy was again active around the ground, taking a number of strong marks. Bainy played his best game for the year, being extremely solid down back.
It was probably a case of the boys not taking their chances as we generally matched OMs around the ground and in general play.

Goal Kickers: S. Hall-Kahan, S. Zanelli, H. Hall-Kahan, L. Venturi
Best Players: R. Fennessy, T. Bain, J. Grenda, H. Hall-Kahan, C. Dovaston, C. Daymond

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the lunch for next Saturday. We will soon be back with details of the next luncheon.

Vale George Lappage


The Old Haileyburian Amateur Football Club mourns the passing of George Lappage, a club stalwart and Life Member.

George first got involved with the club in 1991 when son David came to play for the OHAFC. Along with Pam, he went on to become instrumental in the club’s success. A key member of the legendary parents group, that at the time successfully ran so many off field activities. George was the “money man” of the group, ensuring a steady hand when it came to the finances. He, of course loved his football and especially loved the Magenta and Black. He never missed a game David either played in or coached and followed David in his journey as the school 1st XVIII Coach whilst always keeping a close eye on his beloved OHAFC. If the school wasn’t playing he was at the senior game with his great friends.

George was proudly made a Life Member of the club in 2002. He had previously won the Barry Berggy Memorial Trophy for his contribution to the club in 1999 and was a Committeeman from 2002 to 2004. David was extremely proud and regularly boasted that he was a life member of the club along with his parents George and Pam.

I am sure I speak for those that had the good fortune to know George, that he was always great company. He was a real gentleman who always took a genuine interest in your affairs. There are so many great George Lappage memories and he will be greatly missed.

We extend our condolences to Pam, David, Sara and the extended family.

Round 9 Review

Hearts and Bloods Record Important Wins
School First XVIII get up by 7 points
Sec Enjoys Great Recognition for his 400th Game
Nicole Bradtke special guest at next Luncheon on 29th

This Round 9 Review is proudly brought to you by
all the trades we have at the club.
Calling this the “Tradies Round”. We have a lot of tradies playing and involved at the club so it is important we support each other. If you need some electrical work done, some carpentry or even some gardening, just let me know. There are plenty of qualified personnel at the club and always those looking for some labouring work.
And don’t forget the white collars who may also be able to assist.

Events on Saturday got off to a great start with Sec breaking through the brilliantly made magenta and black banner for his 400th game. The early game was an emotional one as the players were determined to put on a good show in this milestone match. Boosted by the return of Alfy and Whitey, the boys took it right up to the visitors. There were many highlights including the high marking of Alfy and Mark Irwin and the three goals from Oakesy. We kicked the thirst three goals of the second half and we were right in the game. But the boys ran out of puff in the last quarter. It was a game effort and helped motivate the seniors for their big clash.

The Seniors took the field in their “must win” game against Fitzroy, focused on a four quarter performance. But it wasn’t to be as the visitors dominated proceedings early. They were winning the centre clearances and there were few forays into the Blood’s forward line. Given the Fitzroy dominance, our backline held up quite well with Botters and Brodie Steele in the action. It was a quarter best forgotten except to say that we need to get off to better starts.

A measured spray from Wardy wasn’t unexpected but the boys needed to respond. It took a little while but we gradually got ourselves back into the game. The on-ballers led by Gledders and Shak started to take advantage of Trevo’s ruckwork and forwards, Durras Seccull and Loewey duly converted. Trevo snagged one out of the ruck and it was definitely a more intense event. Fitzroy were still getting plenty of the ball and a goal just on half time meant they had an eleven point lead at half time. We had got ourselves back in the game.

The third quarter belonged to the Bloods in probably our best 30 minutes of footy for the season. Trevo and Matt Taylor were getting right on top in the middle and around the ground with their solid marking. Riley Thompson was becoming a real target at CHF and there was some great forward roving from Loewey and Jimmy Paul to register majors. There was some exciting ball movement from the halfback line led by Brodie Steele and Aaron Toy and wingmen, Nicho and Gooda were getting int the thick of things. We managed six goals for the quarter and importantly, there were some “easy” ones which hasn’t happened too often this year.

The last quarter started in the same vein. Early goals from Jack Munro and Durras saw the lead extended to five goals and we were clearly on top and looked assured of a good victory. But unfortunately the players also thought that. Fitzroy, to their credit had a crack and two goals in as many minutes had the throng kicking stones. Another soon after and the margin had been reduced to only 15 points. But the boys steadied with important possessions from Bitters and Corey Connelly steading the ship. The backline had regrouped and as the minutes ticked by, fewer stones were being prodded. Loewey and Corey combined to finish off some good relayed ball movement and when the Fitzroy backman decided to vent some frustration, Sam was able to put the game beyond doubt.

Despite a poor first quarter and 10 minutes of reduced concentration in the last, we seemed to be the better side. Shak and Jimmy Paul were strong all day, while Aaron Toy and Rodgo did a great job leading the backline which so often mean giving away height. You love watching Corey play, while Thommo and Matt Taylor had their best returns for the year (I thought).

Next week we take on Scotch at Scotch College. They are sitting second on the ladder but don’t appear to be getting the results they were earlier in the year. If we can repeat our third quarter efforts for longer periods, we will be able to take it right up to them.

Old Haileyburians 0.4-4 4.6-30 10.8-68 13.11-89
Fitzroy 4.3-27 6.5-41 7.5-47 10.8-68

Goal Kickers: S. Loewe 4, D. Seccull 3, R. Thompson 2, L. Treverton, J. Paul, N. Garratt, J. Munro

Best Players: P. Shakallis, J. Paul, E. Bitters, C. Connelly, R. Thompson, N. Gooda.


Old Haileyburians 2.1-13 4.4-28 8.4-52 8.4-52
Fitzroy 5.5-35 8.7-55 13.12-90 18.15-123

Goal Kickers: B. Oakes 3, A. Woltering 2, C. Schneider, M. Sturgess, C. Seccull
Best Players: M. Irwin, A. Ventouras, M. Seccull, A. Woltering, C. Seccull, B. O’Leary


The Hearts ventured to Ivanhoe with 4th vs 5th (only % between the 2 teams) in the ultimate 8 point game as we progress into the second half of the season.

It was a critical contest for the Hearts to stay in contention for the 2019 finals particularly after our loss 6 weeks earlier against Ivanhoe in the last kick of the match. It was quite difficult conditions with drizzle throughout the game with a surface that was holding some water.

We took the 4 points in what was a very satisfying performance. In recent matches the Hearts have been strengthened with the return of Danielle Frawley, Carly Dillon, Mim Waterman, Sarah Casey and Jessie Mount. Frances Land our Best and Fairest from 2018 has missed 5-6 weeks with a hand injury and we are looking forward to welcoming her back in next week or two.

Jess Mount played a terrific 4 quarter match in different roles and her ability to hunt the ball was great to watch with a timely goal against the flow of play. Pulli G returned to her best form with 3 goals in tough conditions and took the opportunities presented. Jordan Shanks our prime forward kicked 2 pivotal goals and her marking was great to watch. Carly Dillon returned from her overseas trip and provided great midfield drive. Maggie Dunn, one of our most consistent players of the 2019 season, provided a terrific “hard at it” game and she repelled many Ivanhoe attacks. The Frawley sisters’ last half was pivotal in the result going the Hearts way. Kelly Eaton one of our key prime movers sacrificed her game to nullify a key Ivanhoe mover with great affect and helped significantly to the win.

A great team effort with all the girls playing their part in what was a terrific win.

The team is building as the season unfolds with a similar trend to last season of getting stronger as the year progresses.

This Saturday is the Grand final replay from 2018 where we come up against Old Scotch who are currently undefeated so we will need to be at our best.

Ivanhoe 1.0-6 2.2-14 3.4-22 3.7-25
Old Haileyburians 3.1-19 4.2-26 4.2-26 6.3-39

Goal Kickers: P. Gardiyawasam 3, J. Shanks 2, J. Mount
Best Players: J. Mount, P. Gardiyawasam, K. Eaton, S. Stewart, C. Dillon, J. Shanks


The Young Bloods got off to a slow start and were never able to bridge the gap against St Bedes Mentone. The home team proved too strong and while the boys battled hard all day, things just didn’t go their way.

Greeny, Bainy and Adyn were amongst our best while Red Fennessy jagged a couple of majors.

St Bedes / Mentone 5.2-32 8.2-50 11.8-74 17.11-113
Old Haileybury 1.0-6 2.1-13 3.1-19 4.2-26

Goal Kickers: R. Fennessy 2, F. Laity , S. Zanelli
Best Players: A. Coleman, D. Green, T. Bain, R. Fennessy, C. Dovaston, O. Gorozidis


The next luncheon takes place on the 29th of June when festivities are dedicated to the sporting women in our lives. There will be plenty of action on and off the field so come along and support the club.

OHAFC Women’s Lunch – Women in Footy/Sport
Come and celebrate the pioneers of women in football and the OHAFC first ever women’s football team including its 2018 premiership! Lunch includes special guest speakers, great prizes, excellent food, drinks and great company!
Where: Princes Park, 277 Bambra Rd, Caulfield South
When: Sat 29th June, 2019
Time: 12pm arrival following the OHAFC Womens team Rd 11 match v Old Mentonians

Cost: $20 Per head
Food: Finger food provided
Drinks available at bar prices
Special guests and lots of prizes

Following the luncheon, everyone is invited to stay around and watch the OHAFC Senior mens take on Old Geelong FC @ 2pm.

Please RSVP by 24 June and pay by clicking on the link __________. Any queries please contact Mark Thompson on or M: 0407 040715

Round 8 Review

This Round 8 Review is proudly brought to you by
Bedshed Dandenong. The Hearts were the winners this weekend, with an important victory over Hawthorn. The Senior Bloods faded in the last quarter to go down to St Bedes/Mentone, while the Young Bloods fought hard but couldn’t match Old Brighton. The Ressies put in a much improved performance.

The Hearts were the winners this weekend, with an important victory over Hawthorn. The Senior Bloods faded in the last quarter to go down to St Bedes/Mentone, while the Young Bloods fought hard but couldn’t match Old Brighton. The Ressies put in a much improved performance.

The Hearts kept their finals hope alive with a 17 point victory over Hawthorn at Princes Park Saturday morning. The standard of the footy was terrific considering the damp centre wicket area and this was our highest scoring game (kicking 9 goals 7 behinds) for the season.

The first half of the match was very even with Jess Wright kicking a goal (her 2nd for the day) after the half time siren to give the Hearts a narrow 4 point lead at the main break.

The introduction for the first time this season of 2 of our Premiership players from 2018 in Sarah Casey (2 goals) and Mim Waterman (2 goals) were significant contributing factors to the win. Both Mim and Sarah gave the team a huge boost in experience and natural talent and were very much welcomed returns to the team.

Best on ground for the day was our pocket rocket Clare Weiss who gave a magnificent 4 quarter effort. Her goal over her head as shown in the enclosed photo was a real highlight for the day and she is a true professional always wanting to raise the bar on her performances week in and week out.

Anna Stewart continued her outstanding season in the midfield and kicked a terrific crunch goal on the run to seal the match.

The midfield led by Chelsea Rawlings dominated her position in the ruck. Kelly Eaton’s rise as an AFL player continues at a rapid rate and her impact on the game has been enormous. Kelly’s ability to read the play and her depth of kicking and field placement are highlights of what is becoming very much an all-round game.

We expect to see the return our B&F winner (Frances Land) and Runner Up B&F (Danielle Frawley) from last season for our crunch game against Ivanhoe (4th on the ladder) in 2 weeks’ time after 4-5 weeks injury layoff. We are equal 4th on the ladder to Ivanhoe (just short on %) so the game against Ivanhoe on June 15th is a much anticipated and important one. It will be the ultimate 8 point game.

The Division 1 women’s competition is a very even competition and the weekend results showed that any team can beat anyone at any given time which reflects the health of this competition as we start the second half of the season.

Old Haileyburians 3.3-21 5.6-36 8.6-54 9.7-61
Hawthorn AFC 2.0-12 5.2-32 5.2-32 7.2-44

Goal Kickers: M. Waterman 2, C. Weiss 2, S. Casey 2, J. Wright 2, A. Stewart
Best Players: C. Weiss, A. Stewart, K. Eaton, C. Frawley, S. Casey, J. Wright

The boys fought well on Saturday but St Bedes/Mentone just proved a bit too strong in the final stanza.

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle with the home side finding it difficult to score majors. Meanwhile, Loewey and Thommo were causing their defence some issues and they both scored in the quarter to ensure we held a slender lead at the first break.

The game opened up a little in the second quarter and with our onballers led by 150 gamer, Jimmy Paul, getting on top, we managed 5 goals for the quarter. We were accurate and generally took full advantage of our opportunities. Jordan Hurley kicked his first goal for the seniors. Plymo and Shak were using their strength effectively in the middle, while Rodgo, Steeley and Bitters were holding up well down back. Gooda and Nicho were providing drive on their respective wings. We went into the main break with a handy 10 point advantage after skipper Paul scored on the bell. This helped relieve Wardy’s frustration as they had kicked a goal 15 seconds earlier.

The third quarter was very similar. Both teams were scoring on the break as the defences were generally holding up well. There was some good marking around the ground with Trevo, Matty Taylor and Bitters demonstrating their prowess overhead. Loewey was still proving to be a handful for the opposition, while Pop also got in the goal scoring action during the quarter. Thommo got his second and it was set up for a terrific last quarter.

The first five minutes of the last was played in our forward line and things were looking pretty positive. Unfortunately we were unable to score that important first goal to reward our efforts. The home team were dogged and got the first goal from a break that left our defence vulnerable. After another 10 minutes of arm-wrestling, the game opened up again but the breaks went the way of the home team as the Bloods started taking more risks. Try as they might the boys just couldn’t get that major that would give them some important momentum.

As we report each week, the effort was certainly there but the breaks just didn’t go our way. But that will turn around soon. With a week off, we shall come back from the break ready to take on and beat Fitzroy at PP.

St Bedes / M Tigers 0.7-7 4.9-33 9.10-64 13.11-89
Old Haileyburians 2.1-13 7.1-43 11.2-68 11.5-71

Goal Kickers: S. Loewe 4, J. Nicolopoulos 2, R. Thompson 2, J. Hurley, N. Gooda, J. Paul
Best Players: S. Loewe, J. Paul, N. Garratt, T. Rogerson, L. Treverton, P. Shakallis

The Ressies continued their recent improvement, and while beaten again, there were some positive signs. There was much better ball movement and many forward forays. Oakesy chimed in with 4 majors, while Mark Irwin and Zach were once again our better players. Recruit Finn Robinson, playing his first season of footy continues to improve while Jarrod Mantell and Quim were also solid contributors. The highlight of the day was a spectacular one handed grab one the only member of the Columbian express playing on the day Dileep Yogasingham.

St Bedes / Tigers 3.8-26 8.15-63 15.17-107 21.21-147
Old Haileyburians 1.4-10 3.4-22 5.5-35 8.7-55

Goal Kickers: B. Oakes 4, J. Schneider, Z. Tsinanis, M. Seccull, A. Ventouras
Best Players: M. Irwin, Z. Tsinanis, F. Robinson, B. Oakes, J. Mantell, M. Quiambao

The U/19s faced top side Old Brighton at PP in what was always going to be a real test.
But the lads got off to a good start and the visitors knew they were in a real contest. There was some excellent ball movement with skipper Johnno and Goro providing plenty of drive. The back line was generally holding up with Jack Grenda, Gibbo and Bainy doing well.
The second stanza was to prove a little frustrating as we probably didn’t get the reward for effort. But their was no doubting the effort and there were real signs of improvement, demonstrating that the boys were beginning to “gel”. So we went into the main break only four goals in arrears and there were some glimmers of hope.

But Brighton were to prove too strong in the end, managing 10 goals to 4 in the second half. They sit on top of the divisions ladder so it was a good effort from our boys.

They now face St Bedes/Mentone after the break and can go in with a bit of confidence.

Old Haileybury 1.4-10 2.9-21 4.9-33 6.10-46
Old Brighton 4.6-30 6.9-45 9.15-69 16.15-111

Goal Kickers: R. Fennessy, B. Taverniti, J. Grenda, C. Daymond, C. Highett, A. Coleman
Best Players: T. Morris, A. Coleman, J. Grenda, T. Bain, O. Gorozidis

The School First XVIII kept their Premiership hopes alive with a solid win over Geelong Grammar.

There were just as many fine performances at The George for the club’s cocktail party. The George turned it on again as those little niggles became a distant memory. Thanks Greg and team for a brilliant night. (no photos sorry!)

Our social attention now turns to the next luncheon of which details can be found below

OHAFC Women’s Lunch – Women in Footy/Sport
Come and celebrate the pioneers of women in football and the OHAFC first ever women’s football team including its 2018 premiership!
Lunch includes special guest speakers, great prizes, excellent food, drinks and great company!
Where: Princes Park
When: Sat 29th June,
Time: 12pm arrival following the OHAFC Womens team Rd 11 match v Old Mentonians

Cost: $20 Per head
Food: Plenty of Finger food provided
Drinks available at bar prices
Special guests and lots of prizes

Following the luncheon, everyone is invited to stay and watch the OHAFC Senior mens take on Old Geelong FC @ 2pm.

Please RSVP by 24 June and pay by clicking on the link – or contact Thommo on 0407 040715.

Round 7 Preview

Saturday promises another big round of amateur footy. The Seniors and Reserves play Monash Blues while the U/19s take on University Blues. The Hearts are away to Old Brighton under lights on Saturday evening.

The Seniors have recorded two wins for the year so far and face Monash who sit one below them on the ladder. The boys have had some good tussles with them over the last couple of years and it would be good to get another win on the board. If the lads go in with the same intensity they have been showing lately, we can be confident of a win.

The Hearts are sitting 3/3 on the ladder and take on Brighton who have registered one more win so we need to bridge the gap. The win over La Trobe Uni last Friday night will help the girls’ confidence and Danny will no doubt have them fired up.

The U/19s play University Blues and will be keen to register their first win. Their preparation started straight after last Saturday’s game and went long into the night so they will be cherry ripe.


The next Home Game Luncheon will be taking place on the 18th of May and it will be a sensation. Everyone is welcome to come along and help celebrate the feats of our 1969, 1978 and 1989 Premiership sides. It only costs $20 and you can contact Mark Thompson (0407 040715) if you plan on attending.

Round 4 Review

The Round 4 Review is brought to you by ONE68 – the fit-out operation specialising in commercial, retail and office refurbishments. One68 is an Australian builder that specialises in complete fit outs. They produce high quality joinery that they manufacture for all types of work and special projects. They have been trading since 1992, being well equipped to complete quality work at affordable pricing. They continually grow their brand by building on the relationships with their clients including Australia’s leading retailers and landlords. Kent Waring, another great past player of the OHAFC, is the man to speak to when it comes to your fit-out or joinery requirements. He can be contacted on 9518 5168.

Saturday produced a disappointing set of results for all teams. While the effort was certainly there, all teams simply came up against oppositions that were better equipped.

SENIOR MEN – Old Scotch had won their first three games of the year in convincing fashion so were clearly going to be a formidable opponent. Wardy asked his troops to make sure there was always a contest and to never give them an easy ball.

The first quarter lived up to script and when youngster Jock McHale kicked the first goal of the game from his damaging left foot, the faithful thought today may just be the day. It became a dour contest after that with both sides finding it hard to play with any cohesion and certainly scoring was difficult. But that suited us and at quarter time there was little in it.

The second quarter started in similar fashion but then the visitors began to assert themselves on the game. The wind had picked up favouring the end Scotch were kicking towards which made life even more difficult. Their tall forward starting holding their marks and while our defence was holding up, you got the sense the floodgates were going to open. The backline, led by Brodie Steele and Aaron Toy were doing a great job, ably assisted by Rodgo and Raynor Seccull. Scotch went into the main break with a solid five goal lead. Our forwards had few opportunities in the quarter and as a result, only registered the one minor score.
The third quarter was going to be a test of the players’ resolve and to their credit, they held up pretty well. Unfortunately the few scoring opportunities weren’t taken, making it difficult to put any scoreboard pressure on. Once again, a 10 minute lapse in concentration was proved costly as Scotch took full advantage, kicking four goals. Their height was causing problems and coach Ward made a few positional changes to mix it up a bit. Matty Taylor went to full forward and moved quite well, while Nicho started to produce a few of his renowned runs to help the home supporters find their voice. Brodie Steele took the mark of the day to inject further light but we still faced a mountain in the last quarter. While the result may have seemed a foregone conclusion, it is fair to say the boys had a real crack in the last quarter. It would have been easy to completely fold, but they stuck to their task and the Scotchies didn’t get any easy kicks and knew they had played a game of footy. Brodie Steele, Raynor Seccull and Aaron Toy were our best players – all defenders not surprisingly. On Saturday we travel to the wide expanses of Como Park to take on Old Geelong – important games for both the Seniors and Reserves.

Old Haileyburians 1.5-11 1.6-12 1.9-15 2.9-21
Old Scotch 1.3-9 6.6-42 11.6-72 14.12-96

Goal Kickers: S. Loewe, J. McHale
Best Players: B. Steele, R. Seccull, A. Toy, T. Rogerson, E. Bitters, P. Gleadhill

Earlier in the day the Ressies also faced a huge task against the top side. With unavailability and injuries, it was always going to be a tough assignment. And while the scoreline is not very flattering, it doesn’t reflect the effort shown by the team. Every player had a real crack and when asked put his head over the ball, did just that and made it a contest. Clearly Scotch were too good but the efforts from the undermanned team has to be acknowledged as does the contribution from some of the kids from the school who helped the team out. Oakesy and Whitey led from the front, while “new boy” Finn and Brad Gilbert were real goers all day.

Old Haileyburians 0.0 0.1-1 0.3-3 0.4-4
Old Scotch 7.9-51 12.13-85 19.16-130 23.25-163

Best Players: B. Oakes, B. White, Z. Tsinanis, J. Mantell, H. Traum, H. Bignell


The Hearts came up against a tough opponent Beaumaris on Saturday and went down in a highly competitive match at Princes Park Caulfield. Beaumaris came to the game with fire in the belly, with the memory of losing the Prelim final in a nail-biting finish against the Hearts last season.

The girls started reasonably well and had a high percentage use of the ball but struggled to convert when the ball went forward during the day.

Best players on the day were Chelsea Frawley who competed in the ruck for much of the game against a very strong component. Chelse’s ruck craft is increasing every week.

Anna Stewart continued her good form for the first part of the season with a strong 4 quarter effort.

No question the competition has improved this year and we will need to continue to raise the bar to compete against our opposition. Our training standards have improved greatly and we need to take some of this form/work onto the ground on the weekend when the 4 points are up for grabs.

Alexandra Gilchrist, daughter of OHAFC Legend Anthony, was seen playing in the Blue and Yellow so clearly the Hearts’ Father/Daughter policy needs to be reviewed.

Saturday sees the girls host Ivanhoe in a must win encounter.

Old Haileyburians 2.1-13 3.1-19 4.4-28 4.6-30
Beaumaris 1.2-8 5.2-32 5.5-35 7.6-48

Goal Kickers: D. Frawley 2, J. Shanks, T. Vines-Chapple
Best Players: A. Stewart, D. Frawley, C. Weiss, C. Dillon, T. Vines-Chapple, M. Dunn

The boys were back from a 2 week break, feeling rejuvenated and close to a full squad going into the game against Fitzroy. The lads were keen to grab their first win of the season. We started off well, kicking the first 2 goals however the lead didn’t last long with Fitzroy kicking the next 4 unanswered. Our potent forward Res Fennessey was made to play CHB to stop the bleeding. Tom Morris’ first game for the year was giving us plenty of run and carry on the wing, combined with Greeny, Coleman and Johnston wrestling hard for the clearances we seemed to be in with a sniff. The heavens opened up and by halftime the boys had been outplayed and were down by 40 pts.
We went into the second half not worrying about the score but to change our mentality and really take the game on, to switch the play and run the ball through the corridor. It was a better brand of footy and we looked dangerous at times. Jack Grenda was a highlight down forward showing grit and determination at each contest. Our general down back, Gibbo fought hard all day and was coach Budge was impressed with the backs ability to keep going under the constant pressure that was being given to them.

The boys now head into Round 5 up against Old Ivanhoe away at 2pm.

Old Haileybury 2.1-13 3.1-19 3.1-19 3.2-20
Fitzroy FC 5.0-30 9.3-57 10.7-67 16.9-105

Goal Kickers: R. Fennessy, A. Coleman, D. Green
Best Players: R. Fennessy, D. Green, T. Morris, A. Gibson, T. Bain, A. Coleman

On the Social Scene, our next Luncheon takes place on the 18th of May. Everyone is welcome to help celebrate the Premiership years of 1969, 1989 and 1978 which was the year of the club’s first u/19s Flag. The festivities will commence at approximately 12noon with a huge amount of entertainment but with plenty of time to reflect on the past glories and compare long lasting injuries. Response has been terrific to date so make sure you advise Mark Thompson of your plans to attend – 0407 040715 or email (preferred)

And if you are looking for a feed on Thursday night, come and watch the boys train and enjoy Bonnas’ (Jim) BBQ. The bar will be open and you can hear all the ins and outs for the weekends’ round of matches.

Round 3 Preview

Round 3 sees us take on Hawthorn and Beaumaris with the U/19s having a bye. All teams will be looking to put the ledger in positive territory and set us up for an exciting May

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                              CARNA BLOODS AND HEARTS. 

It seems to have been a long time since the Hearts and Bloods took the field but we are back on this Saturday with Round 3 action. The U/19s have a bye so another week of rest for them.

The Hearts take on Hawthorn this Saturday at Rathmines Road Reserve. For that person that still uses Melways it is Map 45 H10. Everyone else can search for it. The game starts at 9.20am so all those south of the Nepean will have to set their clocks early. Like us, Hawthorn have are one and one so this is an important clash early in the season. We did play them in a practice match but that won’t count for much now the real stuff has started. Danny has a lot of new faces this year so the girls will get better as the season progresses,

Banksia Reserve Beaumaris is the venue for the blokes’ battles with the Seniors and Reserves taking on the Sharks. Their seniors, like us, are also one and one having recorded their win last week over Monash Blues. Our lads can go in with a lot of confidence after the stirring win last round and welcome back a few more players. Training has been good this week the home side should hold no fears for our boys. Trevo has been in form and Durras has been good in front of goals. Our young back line continues to do well, while I think our midfield is one of the best going around.

More depth in the ones filters into the Ressies meaning they will be fielding a strong outfit on the weekend and I suspect Disco is eyeing off having his first taste of success as a coach.

Good Luck to all teams.

The next home game luncheon will be taking place on the 18th of May when we celebrate the 1969 and 1989 Premierships. More details to come but spread the word as this will be a beauty.

Round 2 Preview

Parkdale, Scotch and Blacks Await

Despite the heading sounding like something you would buy at a bar, an important round of footy beckons at PP this Saturday. We return home for the first time in 2019 and everyone associated with the club is looking for a successful day.

One of the highlights will be the unfurling of the flag, so brilliantly won by the girls last year. The ceremony will take place at half time in the U/19s game which will be about 10.20am. Make sure you get along for this historic event.

On the footy field, the boys will be looking to bounce back after not getting on the board last week. The Seniors teams take on Parkdale who also went down last week. My spies tell me there will be a couple of inclusions from last week’s side with the honeymoon well under way. Our forward line looks quite potent and with more delivery this week, I feel confident we can kick a winning score.

In a replay of last year’s Grand Final (although technically it isn’t a replay as the sides are different. And on that point, did you know that no AFL/VFL Premiership side has ever played together after that historic day) Anyway I waffle. The girls are playing Old Scotch although I am not sure if any of them went to the school. That doesn’t matter as they are a good side and our Hearts will have to bring their A game. Our girls had their scoring boots on last week and I am confident Shanksy and Sarah Allingham will both be at the top of the goal kicking table by noon.

And talking about goalkicking, the U/19s booted 16 last weekend, and although pipped on the post (unlike Winx) they showed that these youngsters, the future of the club, can really play footy. They have brought real energy to the club and deserve a win.

Angus Brayshaw is our special guest at the first luncheon for the year. Kicking off at 12 noon, this will be another brilliant event. Along with Angus, Danny Frawley will provide some insight into the joys of coaching football to a group of enthusiastic females. There will be giveaways, raffles and all sort of fun and revelry. So get amongst it.

And at half time, the Haileybury Mothers (and odd father) are going to once again produce the best half time afternoon tea in the universe. I can’t say you won’t go hungry because punters are coming from everywhere to partake. I would recommend getting in the queue early however!
So what more could you ask for – Footy, Food, Frosties and Friendship – a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. See you there.

                          CARNA BLOODS AND HEARTS.