Club Rules 2016

Largely to assist with compliance with the requirements of our new Liquor Licence, the Committee has adopted a new Constitution in 2015.  The changes do not alter the principles of the Club that have stood the test of time.

The background to the change of Rules is that the Club has been operating under the same constitution since it became an Incorporated Association in the mid-1980s.

Recently there has been a requirement to review these Rules in light of (a) the granting of our own liquor licence, and (b) the requirements that certain minimum standards be required in all Club Constitutions as a result of changes to that Act, under which governs Incorporated Associations, The Associations Incorporation Reform Act 1986.

On review it was found that the current Rules were lacking in both areas and it was agreed to prepare a new set of Rules.  Under the current rules the Committee is able to change or delete existing Rules and/or introduce new ones.

The new Rules have been based on a model set of Rules provided to Incorporated Associations by Consumer Affairs Victoria, the government body that oversees this legislation.

The Purposes of the club remain unchanged as the Committee has retained those of the original constitution.  By adopting the model Rules, all mandatory requirements of the new legislation have been included.

Since moving to Princes Park, the Club has also obtained its own Liquor Licence, whereas previously at McKinnon it operated under an umbrella licence, that of the McKinnon Winter Sports Club.  To this effect a number of additional changes were required to:

1. ensure compliance with the liquor licencing legislation was enshrined in the new Rules

2. expand the definitions of “member” to ensure compliance with persons entering the licensed premises

In relation to the second point, the definition of “honorary member” of the Club has been expanded to include past students of the school, and players and officials of opposition clubs so as to reduce the number of visitors who are required to be “signed in” to the Club premises.

The new Rules are available for inspection by clicking on the link below to download.

At the time of writing the club was waiting for formal approval of the new Rules by Consumer Affairs Victoria, which given the above should essentially be a formality.

Club Rules 2015 onward